Translation of bonhomie in Spanish:


cordialidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbɑnəˈmi/ /ˈbɑnəmi/ /ˈbɒnəmiː/ /ˌbɒnəˈmiː/

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    cordialidad feminine
    • ‘We'll send someone out on Monday ’, she said in her cheerful bonhomie.
    • In a rare show of bonhomie and good humour, he talked about life as a writer and indicated that this might be his last book.
    • We were also too good at maintaining the usual façade of cheerful bonhomie, on the occasions where we did see them.
    • A friendly local crowd who speak English add to the jovial bonhomie and everyone seems to know your name.
    • Instead he plays Arthur as a terrifying yet avuncular figure, apt to switch from jovial bonhomie to murderous rage with lightning speed.
    • Good cheer and bonhomie make this a happy time for you.
    • The warmth and bonhomie shared by Telugu film world's biggest stars was something that is to be seen to be believed.
    • There is after all nothing like a few days decent sunshine to unite this sun-starved nation in bonhomie.
    • The bonhomie and integration of the new squad were also most evident at the post-match meal.
    • The two friends share a joke and their bonhomie is touching.
    • In contrast to the India-Pakistan matches in the past, the current series exuded bonhomie.
    • The 300-year-old inn exudes bohemian bonhomie and is one of the best loved in Puerto Rico.
    • They are friendly but there is a certain reserve, and false bonhomie is very low on the agenda.
    • Although he had been here less than 24 hours, Sam knew this jovial bonhomie on Howell's part was unnatural.
    • Their brand of boisterous bonhomie and quirky humour is in short supply here.
    • He did his best under difficult circumstances, but remained a tense, suspicious figure whose occasional attempts at cheery bonhomie always struck a false note with us.
    • The front-of-house man may have been underworked, but he oozed bonhomie and competence without ever threatening to become over-attentive.
    • Angus Lordie brings bonhomie and his dog, Cyril, to the residence; and Matthew and his father, Gordon, negotiate their familial roles.
    • Overall, the evening had a genuine sense of bonhomie and hope.
    • The atmosphere is one of bonhomie and hundreds of onlookers, unmindful of the heavy downpour, savour every moment of this unique ritual.