Translation of bonk in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bɑŋk/ /bɒŋk/

See Spanish definition of topetón

transitive verb

  • 1 informal

    to bonk sb on the head/nose pegarle / darle un golpe en la cabeza/nariz a algn
    • On the first landing she attempts to stand, but one leg is an unhelpful position, and she bonks her head on the landing.
    • When Evan tries to mount his trusty steed, he bonks his superhero-sized chin on the saddle.
    • ‘Naw,’ he replied smiling fondly and bonking her on the head with his book, ‘My mom drove me today.’
    • The pebble went sailing in the air before bonking him on the head.
    • He did as told, and ended up bonking her on the head as she came up.
    • Pierre sat bold upright so quickly that he bonked his head on the floor of the overturned boat.
    • There's simply no way a fire fell off a shelf and bonked an entire family in the head all at once.
    • Liz stood on her toes just to bonk him in the head.
    • Don't lower yourself too quickly, or you'll bonk your head on the ground.
    • She steps closer to him, wishing she were two feet taller so she could just bonk her fist onto his obnoxiously rectangular head.
    • He stood, making sure that he wouldn't bonk his head on the ceiling.
    • If I bonk you on the head and take your wallet, I may damage my soul but I do have your money.
    • He changed position to free up one of his hands, and then he used the hand to bonk his enemy's head.
    • Maria jumped up so quickly, Dean's head bonked the ground hard as it fell from her lap.
    • I usually don't listen until the situation foretold to me comes right up and bonks me on the nose.
    • That was built at about the time William the Conqueror was bonking Anglo-Saxons on the head.
    • Keagan nodded vigorously, accidentally bonking his forehead on the other's collarbone.
    • During the fracas, the prince got bonked on his nose.
    • She had only walked a few steps, when in the next second, she was flying in the air before her forehead bonked into the whiteboard painfully.
    • The echoing bonks as they bounced down the concrete stairs was satisfyingly loud.
  • 2British slang

    (have sex with)
    to bonk sb tirarse a algn vulgar slang

intransitive verb

  • 1

    echarse un polvo informal
    follar Spain vulgar slang
    coger Mexico, River Plate vulgar slang
    culear Chile vulgar slang
    • But that does not mean the bike sheds are crawling with nubile adolescents bonking like bunnies, or that those highly sexually experienced teenagers are typical.
    • The World Health Organization estimates that for every minute that passes, 83,000 couples round the world are bonking.
    • I'll show you mine if you show me yours… that is, I'll tell you which star I'd like to sleep with if you'll tell me who you'd like to bonk.
    • That was translated into ‘We bonked all night in the back of the Volvo.’
    • Unfortunately the script gods have decreed that our enigmatic hero has to have someone to bonk.


  • 1 informal

    topetón masculine
    topetazo masculine
    • A self-absorbed advertising type, gives up his Christmas airplane seat to a family man so he can stay behind for a bonk.
    • Last year I went back to Kynance with my beloved fiancée, and we thanked my guardian angel by having a delightful bonk on a cliff.
    • At least Sex in the City ended with a good bonk, which provided a raucous end to another lacklustre last show.
    • Unashamedly promiscuous, Slater's ambition dictates that a quick bonk can often be indispensable to an upwardly mobile career.
    • And yet he runs off stage in tears when he gets a little bonk from a Volvic bottle?
    • If an actor looks like a wimp, it's not going to be believable for him to slam down the other character, but a bonk to the eyes might work instead.
    • The next thing Ayaki heard was a small bonk and an ‘ouch’ afterwards.
    • Everything we've learned in the past few years has given us a bonk on the head in terms of speaking directly to individual people.
    • Napoleon made his exit with the slam of a door and a shower of toy soldiers, one of which hit Talleyrand in the head with an audible bonk.
    • That director must've had a bonk on the head or no brain at all.
    • However, every bonk on the head comes in crystal clear, and for this reviewer that's all that matters.
    • Do people really get amnesia from a bonk on the head?
    • If I ever meet JJ in person, I’ll be sure to give him a good bonk on the nose.
    • He then spotted me, and he gave me a bonk on the forehead with the heel of his hand,
    • Revolutionary soldiers were either given a stick to bite or a bonk on the head so that they'd pass out.
  • 2British slang

    (act of sex)
    polvo masculine slang