Translation of bonsai in Spanish:


bonsai, n.

Pronunciation /bɑnˈsaɪ/ /ˈbɑnˌsaɪ/ /ˈbɒnsʌɪ/

nounplural bonsai

  • 1

    bonsai masculine
    • Ma compared this kind of ‘fill empty space’ sculpture to bonsai.
    • Many of the folks in my bonsai group un-pot their trees in early fall and plant them back in the ground on top of a piece of slate or the like (to prevent deep rooting).
    • These miniature trees made famous from the Japanese art of bonsai can be found all over Asia, in China, Thailand, Vietnam and other cultures.
    • As the art of bonsai demonstrates, you can limit almost any tree to any size by careful pruning.
    • ‘I became interested in their culture and took formal training in art, bonsai and ikebana,’ she says.
    • The nation that dreamed up bonsai and origami and leads the world in nanotechnology prefers life to be bite-size, delicate, petite.
    • Decide what your tree will look like ten years down the road; bonsai rewards the patient and the far-sighted and teaches it to those of us who are neither
    • It wasn't until Japan exhibited at the 1878 World Exhibition in Paris that bonsai resurfaced on the international stage.
    • This is also manifest in things like bonsai, where control of form and nature is more important to aesthetic beauty than the wild lines of real nature.
    • Barry's a horticulturist and I just love growing things so we bought a cedar tree and a book on the basics of bonsai.
    • Even books on bonsai were not available then.
    • In Japanese bonsai can be translated as ‘tray planting’ and for the Japanese it represents a fusion of ancient beliefs with eastern philosophies of harmony.
    • He has been experimenting with miniature gardens since he was about seven - encouraged by his mother, whose interests included bonsai.
    • The trees belonged to her husband Thomas, 57, a self-employed window cleaner, who has been growing bonsai for more than ten years.
    • Don't miss Kinokuniya Bookstore, where you will find everything from collections of Japanese poetry to books on the art of bonsai.
    • Mr Hawksby said the Scottish contingent were all people he met while exhibiting or teaching bonsai at shows.
    • Mr Bolton has been practising the art of bonsai for more than 30 years and has around 50 different trees.