Translation of bonus in Spanish:


plus, n.

Pronunciation /ˈboʊnəs/ /ˈbəʊnəs/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(payment to employee)

      plus masculine
      prima feminine
      bonificación feminine
      • The federal government would also reward states with performance bonuses based in part on lower poverty rates.
      • Workers were paid a form of piece rate, which was a minimum wage plus a bonus for output over a certain level.
      • My weekly wage was about £150 and there were performance bonuses.
      • I believe I mentioned before that my company does yearly bonuses to reward us for our previous year's performance.
      • As public service executives are being investigated in the Sponsorship Program, $36.5 million in performance bonuses paid to them adds insult to injury.
      • The department's figures for 2005 show it has paid about €500,000 in performance bonuses to its most senior civil servants.
      • Some 90% of firms pay annual performance bonuses to their employees.
      • Some 230 workers are involved in the dispute and are demanding improvements in basic wages, bonuses and classifications.
      • Cost cuts gave companies more money to pass on to employees in the form of higher wages and bonuses, economists said.
      • Asking for a $25 million bonus, a payment equal to 40 percent of his total fees, is another matter.
      • You should reward your more productive employees with merit-based pay, such as bonus or share option schemes, rather than increasing wage rates across the board.
      • Given a choice between saving jobs and preserving your bonus, the Company expects its leaders to do the right thing.
      • The tax figures suggest that companies whose fortunes are tied to the slowing world economy are cutting jobs and curtailing staff bonus payments.
      • Irish employers are looking after their senior staff better by giving them generous bonuses and share options.
      • It is important to recognize that all labor income, even the bonuses and stock options of CEOs, are included in the labor share.
      • If you perform well, there is the possibility of bonuses and share options.
      • We pay the players a small win bonus which is the same as it was last year in Division Two.
      • The club was also offering the team a far higher bonus for a win.
      • And Burt has a group together that are going to dole out bonuses to the entire team.
      • I don't get a bonus if she exceeds quarterly projections.

    • 1.2Finance

      dividendo adicional masculine
      • After year 13, reinvested dividends and bonuses would pay for future premium.
      • What the Trustee is after is the shareholder's dividends, bonuses, other payments that result, as a result that come from the share ownership.
      • I believe perks can be a wonderful bonus for shareholders.
      • With-profits providers will be issuing bonuses of 3 per cent or lower next year.
      • There was also discussion about the relative tax efficiency of taking the money out of the company by way of bonuses or dividends.
      • However, the added bonus for shareholders comes in the form of industry consolidation.
      • They can decide on how much the terminal bonus or final dividend paid out is.
      • The IRS has specified it can't go to bonuses or stockholder dividends.
      • Of course, the essence of the trick in Curran's Case was, by paying out the bonus share dividend, you reduce the value of the original shares.
      • About 47 per cent of full-year earnings are being paid out as final dividends and bonus shares were issued.
      • The effect on Largan might be comparatively smaller, however, as its bonuses are traditionally divided into 30 percent shares and the remainder in cash.
      • They will also receive special share issues and bonuses.
      • It is not exactly disastrous but with bonus payments collapsing over the last three years in line with falling stock markets, so has demand for these products.

    • 1.3(in competition)

      for a bonus of two points para ganar dos puntos extra

  • 2also added bonus

    (added advantage)
    ventaja feminine
    and the school being nearby is a real bonus y el hecho de que el colegio esté cerca es una gran ventaja