Translation of booby trap in Spanish:

booby trap

trampa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbubi ˌtræp/ /ˈbuːbi trap/


  • 1

    trampa feminine
    (bomb) bomba trampa feminine
    • Officers seized a number of pipe bombs, a booby trap device, a handgun and ammunition and a quantity of bomb-making equipment.
    • Yesterday's discovery of 10 guns, two pipe bombs, a booby trap device and hundreds of rounds of ammunition had almost certainly saved more lives.
    • Instead, the Marines were leaving a promotion ceremony when one of them apparently triggered a booby trap, causing the explosion.
    • When I asked why, he explained that the wire was a typical trigger for an Improvised Explosive Device, better known as a booby trap.
    • The robotic vehicle, Cyclops, is a coup for the diving teams, giving them the ability to remotely attack and defeat an explosive device or booby trap.
    • He was killed together with two young boys by a booby trap on the pleasure craft he maintained.
    • It does not matter if you use a bomb or a booby trap; as long as you target a particular person, it's assassination.
    • The bomb had a booby trap trigger sequence - once the case was opened it would begin a countdown to explode in only twenty four hours.
    • Larkin said they believe one of the bombs was a booby trap to protect a drug-producing operation and was built to be detonated from a remote location.
    • The employment of several other weapons (primarily land mines, booby traps, and incendiary devices) is also restricted where civilians are concerned.
    • He finds a grenade left behind by the soldiers and sets up a booby trap for them in his father's outdoor tent.
    • Police were turning us all back and there was talk of maybe a booby trap bomb at which point I decided to try and get a taxi the 5km back to my hotel.
    • Recovery of the booby trap bombs comes after a summer of high activity by local dissident groups.
    • A booby trap bomb was found outside the store in the centre of Skipton.
    • One tree trunk mould might conceal radio equipment but another shaped like a piece of camel dung hid a booby trap that could blow the tyre off a truck.
    • Land mines and booby traps are a constant threat.
    • Troops began searching the compound and found the weapons haul - and a deadly booby trap.
    • When I asked them what was going on, they told me they had four casualties from that booby trap, and two were dead and two were wounded.
    • The perils include projectiles, grenades, land mines, rockets and booby traps.
  • 2

    (practical joke)
    broma feminine
    • Occasionally they would sneak down in the middle of the night to play some prank on the Vandals, like steal their flag or set up a booby trap outside the door.

transitive verb booby trapping, booby trapped, booby trapped

  • 1

    his car was booby-trapped le pusieron una bomba en el coche
  • 2

    (as joke)
    (person) gastarle una broma a