Translation of boogie in Spanish:


mover el esqueleto, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊɡi/ /ˈbuːɡi/

intransitive verb boogies, boogying, boogied

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    mover el esqueleto informal
    menear el esqueleto informal
    • ‘I would like to show them how to boogie down,’ he shouts on the album's most cohesive song, ‘Paper Mills’.
    • As the night wore on, the disco took over with young and old taking to the dance floor to boogie the night away.
    • If you shimmied to ‘Shake,’ you'll want to boogie down to ‘Bounce’ and ‘Girl Next Door.’
    • You have to fully regroup, march right back to front and boogie down like Ben and George.
    • So in a fond farewell, supporters turned out to test their artful talents in the old structure and to boogie down in the adjacent, air-conditioned party tent.
    • There is also the added bonus of great walks and a dance floor to boogie off those calories.
    • Suddenly the groom's 80-year-old grandmother boogied to the dance floor and started a very lively line dance, which inspired half the room to hop to their feet.
    • As Kate got more alcohol into her system, the more she wanted to dance, and her and Cameron boogied on the dance floor.
    • People flocked out to hear the chosen band and to either sit and enjoy the music, or boogie the night away.
    • I thought it was just an album to boogie and eat Angel Delight to.
    • In some ways that's no bad thing - what else is dance music for if not to compel you to boogie?
    • Committee members and volunteers were letting their hair down and they boogied and jived to the rhythmic beat of local band The Jury.
    • And he says, ‘Sometimes I wanted to go out and go and boogie and dance and cajole around and drink and smoke and have fun.’
    • He pointed to the dance floor, where her group was still boogieing.
    • I also like any movie where the characters can boogie, and Napoleon has dancing skills like I've never seen.
    • No-one objects when you boogie around your flat in a victory dance with a self-satisfied grin on your face.
    • After the speech, Churchill Club members boogied away the night in single-minded pursuit of the groove.
    • During the curtain call, Mitchell boogied with Allen.
    • She said: ‘John runs mobile discos and we are always the first to boogie at parties.’
    • I yelled to her, as she boogied with her friends on the living room rug, ‘I'm trying my dress on now!’
    • The traveler, on the other hand, is ready to boogie when he or she leaves, but is lonesome and tired on the way home.


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    bugui-bugui masculine
    • Then, some boogie-woogie piano comes in, and kids begin shouting, ‘Happy birthday to you!’
    • Some boogie-woogie piano, some Japanese pop, some Frank Sinatra.
    • I mean, Paul's about as close to an original as you can get without being one, but if I really want to hear some great boogie-woogie, I'll go to the source, thanks.
    • There are workshops on boogie-woogie piano and acoustic and electric guitar.
    • And the latest entertainment for the regulars is the new honky-tonk / boogie-woogie piano nights with Karl Mullen on ‘as many Fridays as possible’.
    • He is still Jones's hero, and Holland has always loved boogie-woogie piano.
    • Fats invented the boogie-woogie piano style later used ubiquitously by early rock-n-rollers like Jerry Lee Lewis.
    • New to audiences might be the fact that the lindy hop, along with the Charleston, cakewalk, minstrel blues and boogie-woogie, was originally called jazz.
    • And not just R and B, but funk, blues and boogie-woogie - Turner shows his versatility and mastery at every turn.
    • Jools Holland and his 18-piece Rhythm and Blues Orchestra will play their boogie-woogie, honed over 15 albums and two decades, on July 2.
    • Here, you find everything from 12-tone to boogie-woogie, neoclassic to blues, and neo-romantic to completely abstract constructions.
    • Eastwood explains: ‘The first thing he showed me was how to play boogie-woogie.’
    • I can't imagine him incorporating boogie-woogie or rock.
    • I particularly admired his performances of J. P. Johnson's stride pieces, boogie-woogie, and of his own works for organ.
    • His earliest influences were boogie-woogie, blues and swing.
    • He indulges in doo-wop, rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie and Euro-classical paradigms.
    • There's as much boogie-woogie in its movements as conga and tango.
    • Gints sits down to rattle off some boogie-woogie.
    • I think it's best if I leave the old boogie-woogie to the Sugar Babes of the world, eh?
    • He played some fantastic boogie-woogie piano, then fell off the piano stool and was sick on the floor.