Translation of boohoo in Spanish:


¡buuah!, interj.

Pronunciation /ˌbuˈhu/ /buːˈhuː/


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    • This is not the end but, boohoo, I'm so alone and nobody loves me.
    • Oh boohoo, please don't start crying cos I gave you a taste of your own medecine. You are such a cry baby… boohoo</em.
    • So I tell him that I'm mad at him because he totally ignored me and then he goes, ‘Oh boohoo, Kimmy, someone didn't pay attention to you’.
    • ‘Boohoo nobody loves me, wah, wah, wah I need to fix things with Kendall, boohoo I'm a horrible person.’
    • Winter break's almost over boohoo but so is the school year yay!