Translation of book club in Spanish:

book club

club del libro, n.


  • 1

    club del libro masculine
    círculo de lectores masculine
    • The book club has 1.5 million members and is known to almost everybody in Shanghai.
    • Small bookshops suffered from the unfair advantage which book clubs, advertising in magazines, had under the NBA.
    • In the more distant parts of the Middle West where I did my academic business, book clubs were pretty much the only means on offer for getting serious books.
    • They subscribed to book clubs, but the packages of books that arrived on maildays were nearly all memoirs and histories of the War.
    • In an effort to protect its market share, the mail order book club sector continued with its sophisticated segmentation marketing techniques by introducing book selections which are closely targeted at specific interest groups.
    • He pulled out a book club edition of Great Rivers of the World.
    • The Post has started a "Book Club," to consist of reviewers/critics orchestrating on-line discussions of various books.
    • They discovered the effect of book clubs on sales was of greater financial significance than the hoopla created by a major marketing campaign.
    • A Fine Balance was selected as book of the month by Oprah Winfrey's Book Club.
    • Harry Potter has inspired a sprawling book club whose members repeatedly re-read existing texts to sharpen their hypotheses about the fates to be revealed in the final two volumes.
    • I wanted my book club to do the book.
    • He came to my house to pick me up one evening and my mother's book club happened to be meeting in the living room.
    • And that's how the idea of having this book club and these people reading came alive.
    • Book clubs and reading recommendations have been popular activities with the public, especially over the last couple of years.
    • Miss Daisy's book club can find scarcely a thing to elevate them these days, so they have taken to reading Gone With the Wind over and over again.
    • The wife in question is Una Spenser, a spirited, up-for-anything heroine of generic cut and color whose love of life and sunny temperament will surely gratify book clubs nationwide and make for hours of refined, uplifting chat.