Translation of book learning in Spanish:

book learning

saber libresco, n.


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    saber libresco masculine
    book learning's no substitute for experience lo que enseña la experiencia no se aprende en los libros
    • These indelible experiences can give life and spirit to your own actions and convert the knowledge you have accumulated through book learning into more meaningful experiences.
    • Homage to yesterday's authorities went the way of the ancien regime, and hands-on experience replaced book learning.
    • From what I have read (and it is more book learning than from experience) there is nothing wrong with just banishing
    • It may be that your life experience trumps any book learning you may get.
    • Education plus work, book learning and on-the-job skills training, with a strong ethos of service to the local community, was the educational philosophy.
    • It makes book learning and classroom study come alive, reinforcing the lessons of history and illuminating the theories behind effective planning and execution.
    • What is so difficult to understand about my point that speculation based on book learning is not equivalent to speculation based on personal experience?
    • I think highly educated people put too much stock into book learning and it produces really narrow skills that are totally selfish.
    • He'd had a lot of book learning thrown at him, but little hands-on training to experience how to do it the right way… So, I made the guy do it again.
    • It doesn't take book learning to acquire a conscience, and although guidance helps, there are always going to be moral invalids who just can't develop one.
    • However well educated the young may be, book learning can never rival the inspiration to be gained from someone who knows and has lived.
    • Mere book learning is somehow not sufficient to count as wisdom.
    • As parents they are overprotective to their children, they place too much emphasis on book learning, and are too blinded by the glitter of a western education.
    • I have a ridiculous amount of book learning, but these country ways rear their heads more often than I care to admit.
    • Such behaviour is a failure of our academic system that places too much value on book learning and high marks in examinations.
    • He's a clever and interesting guy who has a terrible time with words and hates book learning.
    • Hogben believed that children learn better by doing than by book learning.
    • The people I teach are often of much greater sophistication than those who have heaps of traditional book learning.
    • ‘But people are looking beyond the traditional business education model, which involves hours in the classroom and relies primarily on book learning,’ he said.
    • But she was unusually gifted and self-educated in book learning - which opened a wider world to her - and she had a wide range of interests.