Translation of bookcase in Spanish:


biblioteca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊkˌkeɪs/ /ˈbʊkkeɪs/


  • 1

    biblioteca feminine
    estantería feminine
    librería feminine Spain
    librero masculine Mexico
    • These bulky albums are now spread across bookcases, cupboards, trunks, and attics.
    • This area would make an ideal reading or relaxation spot, as there is room to fit a set of bookcases and a sofa.
    • At the bookcase he opened the drawer and found it was filled with junk.
    • There was what appeared to be a desk, chair, filing cabinet, and bookcase.
    • The rear wall was lined with huge bookcases and the mammoth desk and chair before it were cleared completely.
    • There are two leather black couches, lots of bookcases full with files, maps, books.
    • Along the walls are bookcases filled with books he never knew existed.
    • There were bookcases and shelves stretching across the other wall, and a massive stained old map of the old world.
    • He had preserved them carefully in an old house, housing the books in 180 bookcases that went from floor to ceiling.
    • The familiar shelves and looming bookcases of the library surrounded her.
    • Many a gentleman and aristocrat have sat in the centre of these four walls and have filled their minds with information from the books on the bookcases.
    • The walls were covered with ceiling high wooden bookcases filled with books.
    • Now, the occult book section is several bookcases long and practically eats up a corner of the store.
    • She moved her head left and saw bookcases full of old books and she turned her head the other way and she saw the same thing.
    • But don't worry, on inquiry we discovered that the bookcases cannot be opened.
    • If possible, there should also be shelves on family bookcases that they can also browse.
    • As I was searching through my bookcase for poetry books to see if I can glean some ideas another book toppled off the shelf.
    • We chuckled together as she stood and reached up to the top shelf of a grand bookcase in the corner.
    • Disappointed and confused, Rubar tossed the book back into the bookcase.
    • The other wall was entirely taken up with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase full of books.