Translation of bookend in Spanish:


sujetalibros, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊkˌɛnd/ /ˈbʊkɛnd/


  • 1

    sujetalibros masculine
    • She's as strong and likable a female character as Davy is a male hero, making this a perfect bookend to book one.
    • On the wall above the window ran a short bookshelf, where lack of space had forced Wilhelm and me to jam all of our old books between two brass bookends.
    • On the window ledge oak bookends supported a small library.
    • Imagine a bookshelf with a pair of bookends, representing women novelists who have grown up in the British Commonwealth and written bestsellers.
    • Jasmine had also done him in with a pair of heavy bookends.
    • I suggested Ludendorf and Doenitz as a pair of handy bookends.
    • After all, I do have lots of books, and I do need bookends.
    • The two gruesome gargoyle bookends are based on the watchful pair who overlook the St Magnus Cathedral west door, gazing out over Broad Street.
    • Katherine desired to have them pushing together like bookends with the women in-between as the books.
    • If tackles are the bookends of the offensive line, the Eagles could support a shelf of coffee table books.
    • It provided the closing bookend for the project with the beginning bookend being the ending of the Cold War.
    • It operates much like a simple metal bookend where the book itself prevents the end from sliding or flipping.
    • People buy old-fashioned irons not to iron their clothes with, but to use as bookends or doorstops.
    • You assess your life, as death and birth as bookends, and you exist only between the bookends.
    • While I collect bookends, a friend of mine collects classical LPs and CDs.
    • Youth and age, it seems, are the bookends of life.
    • I like to show the bookends - the setting up and the waiting.
    • The history of the 20th century is bracketed - like bookends - by Lenin and Stalin at the start, Reagan and Thatcher at the end.
    • There are angel bookends, guardian angel lapel pins and ceramic candle-holder angels.
    • Conceptually, it makes a neat bookend to their 15-year career.