Translation of bookmobile in Spanish:


biblioteca ambulante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊkməbil/ /ˈbʊkməˌbiːl/


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    biblioteca ambulante feminine
    bibliobús masculine Spain
    • Vermont was the only state in the nation where no public library maintained a bookmobile.
    • Maybe it's an occupational hazard, but the volumes of feedback I receive function much more like the main branch of a library than a bookmobile.
    • Kahle took the idea to India, and that country now has two bookmobiles on the road, with another 28 to come.
    • A bookmobile is traveling from San Francisco to Washington, DC to bring attention to a copyright case being argued before the Supreme Court on October 9th.
    • On Wednesdays we had the bookmobile with Mr. Bill at the wheel.
    • My place of work is the county library, where I drive a bookmobile.
    • ‘India is going to build thirty bookmobiles,’ Kahle said.
    • Putting a dot-com twist on those bookmobiles of yore, the online bookseller is taking its Web site on the road.
    • The former garage area will service bookmobiles.
    • You can follow the progress of the trip, make contributions to the effort, and see some of the other bookmobiles in use.
    • I sat near a lamp in my brother's abandoned bedroom, head toward the west, and read the books cadged from the bookmobile.
    • Eventually the county bookmobile began stockpiling books for me, bringing them over dirt roads as rough as creek beds.
    • It was one of those terribly romantic kisses like were in the novels in the bookmobile that sometimes came round in the summer.
    • There's a bookmobile that comes around once a week, too, with a couple of hundred Korean novels onboard.
    • Like a bookmobile, the van goes from school to school, giving students brief access to a much bigger world.
    • I know it sounds like something you might see on a bookmobile poster, but seriously, read more.