Translation of bookshelf in Spanish:


estante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊkˌʃɛlf/ /ˈbʊkʃɛlf/

nounplural bookshelves

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    estante masculine
    (para libros) balda feminine Spain
    • I was sorting out the books on Beth's bookshelves to make more room for our junk when I found her copy of the highway code.
    • Zoe rearranged the books in her bookshelves in alphabetical order and emptied her pencil sharpeners.
    • I may have to raid my parent's bookshelves for a book to donate as I forgot to bring one from home today.
    • If you didn't keep books on your bookshelf, what else do you think you might do with it?
    • I took a seat by the window, near a bookshelf, with a few books on it and looked at the wallpaper hanging off the wall.
    • He had a wonderful time perusing all the bookshelves and bought several books.
    • An entire wall was covered by bookshelves filled with books that she had picked up during her raids.
    • The next room she tried was the nursery; picture books sat in small bookshelves against the wall.
    • You walk in, and there are rows and rows of books on tall dusty bookshelves.
    • The book was leaving the bookshelves faster than the printers could produce new copies.
    • It has taken a long time for this book to reach the bookshelves but it has been well worth the wait.
    • Joan had found a nice spot on the floor to sit, leaning her back towards a bookshelf full of law books.
    • Picking a book from her bookshelf, she settled down into her bed and began to read.
    • The books from the bookshelf was all over the room, papers scattered from the books.
    • He had a lot of books on his bookshelf, a small TV, and a computer in the corner of his room.
    • He glanced over at the book on my bookshelf that he'd read a page from and smiled knowingly.
    • The reviewer would want this book on his bookshelf as a reference on any number of topics.
    • There was a desk in one corner with a computer on it and there was also a bookshelf with lots of books on it.
    • There was a lovely black fireplace and a tall bookshelf filled with books and small ornaments.
    • I actually had to restrain myself from going through my bookshelves and covering every uncovered book.
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