Translation of boom box in Spanish:

boom box

grabadora portátil, n.


informal Music
  • 1

    grabadora portátil feminine
    gabacha feminine Mexico slang
    loro masculine Spain slang
    • So in a fit of jealousy, I swiped the cassette out of her boom box one day, hoping never to hear - or never let her hear - the record again.
    • She had soft music playing on the portable boom box sitting on the floor.
    • We laid out two beach towels and turned on a portable boom box.
    • He came back with one of those little boom box portable radios, and put it down near me.
    • One man wields a tai chi sword to the sound of Chinese flutes from a boom box.
    • It was only when they'd gotten their breath back that they realized everything was quiet around them, except the sound of the music playing from the boom box.
    • I stripped down to my blue and green plaid boxers and walked over to my big boom box (which had a radio).
    • They have a small boom box playing music for background sound but the volume is low.
    • You recorded music off the radio or TV, or got cassettes from friends and played them on a boom box.
    • A man in a cowboy hat is standing onstage, singing sad-sounding country-and-western songs in Czech, accompanied by a boom box.
    • I took my boom box and a bunch of candles into the bathroom.
    • But as he warily entered, it was plain that my fridge-top CD player was hardly a boom box or even playing very loudly.
    • He's a grown man and seems pretty normal by appearance, except he's got a monstrous boom box strapped to the front of his bike.
    • Music, generally hip hop, was pumped into the office space from a boom box.
    • My friend at the camp had a boom box and a Cat Stevens Greatest Hits CD.
    • The shoppers were looking for a boom box or for any machine that would help return pleasure to their lives.
    • Other receivers are portable, designed to be taken from your car to your home or office, or connected to a boom box.
    • Natasha touches my shoulder, then lays down her boom box and trots off to the bathroom.
    • Grab a blanket, a boom box and some of your favourite music from high school.
    • My job was to be their court jester and to put music on in the boom box to make them stretch and move a little bit.