Translation of boomerang in Spanish:


bumerang, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbuməˌræŋ/ /ˈbuːməraŋ/


  • 1

    bumerang masculine
    boomerang effect efecto (de) bumerang

intransitive verb

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    tener el efecto contrario al buscado
    to boomerang on sb
    • Through this book, I have tried to say that American policies have boomeranged everywhere.
    • Development here has often been based on strategies that have boomeranged.
    • A veil should be drawn over his attempted clearance that boomeranged for a Rangers corner.
    • The comment, however facetious, boomeranged against Sinclair.
    • Because if an atmosphere was created or allowed to persist that allowed one minority group to be targeted, it had the potential to boomerang on the others, as well.
    • Well, perhaps because people are wondering whether this investigation is going to boomerang on the Republican leadership.
    • When discussing holidays, never be tempted to sound knowledgeable about a place you have not actually visited, because this will boomerang back on you.
    • It is bound to boomerang upon them at some point of time or the other.
    • The striking workers should believe their collective action might boomerang back at them.
    • If the Government's gamble fails, their talk of insurance and premiums will boomerang back at them.
    • However, because of their inefficiency, these restrictions are apt to boomerang against the industry in the long run.
    • What we repress, if it is repressed severely enough, can boomerang back on us.
    • It is not unknown for government interventions to boomerang creating situations worse than the original problem.
    • Very few would attempt to use the cursing stone rites now as a mistake in procedure is said to cause the intentions to boomerang.
    • Sooner or later it boomerangs and, like a bad joke, comes back to haunt and ridicule you.
    • Don't condemn those who are down; that hardness can boomerang.
    • For example, the time-honored admonition to make sure kids with colds or the flu rest in bed and get plenty of fluids could actually boomerang.
    • The jealousy and bitterness that he has engendered will boomerang and take its toll from the one who caused this imbalance and disharmony.
    • If a facility executive fails to get that buy-in, the new software can boomerang.
    • We need to encourage those countries to think of nuclear weapons as dangerous junk that at best will boomerang and destroy all that they care about.