Translation of boondoggle in Spanish:


despilfarro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbunˌdɑɡəl/ /ˈbuːndɒɡ(ə)l/


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    despilfarro masculine
    • The program is incorrigible; once a boondoggle, always a boondoggle.
    • This has been a boondoggle and a PR sham that pays utilities to build more dirty plants while claiming to be coming clean.
    • But in the view of serious energy policy experts, the project bears all the hallmarks of a boondoggle.
    • The PQ was especially given to swallowing corporate dogma whole, as evidenced by their mammoth funding of the short-lived ‘multimedia boom’ and other boondoggles.
    • Aren't these live horseracing broadcasts boondoggles?
    • But guess whom they blame for the whole boondoggle?
    • Sam knew how to prevent an opportunity like this from turning into a boondoggle for some official's family and friends.
    • And highfliers with thriving core businesses pump capital into excess capacity or real estate boondoggles - or siphon funds into private projects.
    • As you may guess I am no fan of corporate-welfare boondoggles, but I hope that the provision to extend Daylight Savings Time survives to become law.
    • It's an absolute boondoggle, but I'm bringing it back.
    • Private healthcare is a huge boondoggle for insurance companies and related industries who have enormous influence over both political parties.
    • Will the blackout prove to be a boon or a boondoggle for business owners?
    • Another boondoggle for the rich to jet somewhere exotic to gush over their concern for the poor.
    • The governor has become Santa Claus for every legislator with visions of boondoggles dancing in their heads.
    • Given the colorful history of federal boondoggles - billion-dollar weapons systems that misfire, $600 toilet seats - that's an understandable concern.
    • That's the time-off we manage to squeeze in during the business boondoggles to the Caribbean, or the hours not spent checking in via e-mail or cell phone.
    • So why buy more of what looks like one of the great military boondoggles?
    • But to interview, over five years, 425 people, some of them scarcely or not at all relevant to the ostensible topic, smells of academic boondoggle to me.
    • He probably ends up working on some military boondoggle somewhere.
    • The supervisors' broadband/cable/phone proposal is a more straightforward boondoggle, involving massive new pipe laying during a sewer dig.
    • Their license area continues to be under attack as a political or ethnic boondoggle.