Translation of boor in Spanish:


zafio, n.

Pronunciation /bʊr/ /bɔː/ /bʊə/


  • 1

    zafio masculine
    zafia feminine
    grosero masculine
    grosera feminine
    • They see the boor in each of them and they laugh at it.
    • I daresay you will roast me as a sexist boor, but there, I've said it.
    • His sister is married to a boor whom he has always loathed and suspects she has come to loathe also.
    • He and those three sons of his are ill-mannered boors, louts and womanizers.
    • In Tampa, players who now are among his best friends once considered him a boor and a punk.
    • There are three counts in my indictment: he was a humourless boor, he was the epitome of negativity and his legend far outstrips his actual achievement.
    • Call me irresponsible, call me obsessed, call me a boor.
    • He tries to insinuate himself into her world, but she's not interested in a boor who thinks he can buy his way into her circle.
    • Those who are delighted by the cathedral of Chartres and the Meninas of Velasquez may think that those who remain unaffected by these marvels are boors.
    • It might have been about having a choice between behaving like a sportsman or behaving like a boor and doing the latter because it suited him at the time.
    • That's the kind of enthusiast that is being driven into oblivion by self-serving, loudmouth boors who think that they invented the microprocessor.
    • And Junior interrupted him, ‘Because we don't like to put up with a bunch of party boors.’
    • Such rote interpretative strategies betray a lack of imagination, like the cocktail-party boor who laughs at every wisecrack.
    • The insinuations that he was a cold fish who never talked with players and sometimes conducted himself as a tactless boor are not true.
    • The next day, Kate informed David in no uncertain terms that he was an insensitive boor.
    • When you were the defending champion the next year, you were criticized by the British press for showing up late to a function and acting like a boor.
    • Adrian is a boor and worse, and Lichi finds refuge at Andrew's place.
    • And he shows that he can play something other than a loudmouthed boor.
    • I almost had him filed under arrogant boor, but then I caught him out being nice.
    • He is a smug, self-pitying boor who turns the caring doctor stereotype on its head.