Traducción de boozy en español:


borrachín, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈbuzi/ /ˈbuːzi/

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adjetivo boozier, booziest

  • 1

    (person) borrachín coloquial
    a boozy meal una comida regada con abundante alcohol
    • The friend you invited to your boozy Christmas lunch is a recovering alcoholic.
    • ‘Every sign has its keynote flavours,’ she says of the idea, which ‘came out of a boozy lunch with the manager’.
    • I suppose she's right, I think, as I leave Harris Manchester College for a delicious and boozy lunch on the High Street with my distinguished student.
    • In her twenties she worked as a director of a property company in London, existing on coffee, Danish pastries, convenience foods and long boozy lunches.
    • A lifestyle of heavy drinking became ingrained, and was made worse by his working environment, where boozy lunches were the norm.
    • In a sample of 12 foreign visits, boozy councillors and officers drank their way through £1,060 of alcohol and spent £430 on phone calls.
    • The plans, which include curtailing boozy social events and offering better support for students with drink problems, contrast with the heavy drinking culture prevalent among students in Scotland's medical schools.
    • Nowadays drinking in most workplaces is frowned upon, and the boozy culture of Westminster increasingly appears a dangerous anachronism.
    • A drunken man who attacked a black cab after a boozy night out has been ordered to pay £648 in compensation.
    • A mum today launched a campaign to hammer home the dangers of binge drinking after her schoolboy son nearly died following a boozy night out.
    • Anthony Cronin's telling portrait of the time, Dead as Doornails, portrays the boozy pub-centred milieu as a place where the attitude and drinking seemed nihilistic and alcoholism and underachievement were rife.
    • It will take decades—at least—for any serious dent to be made in Britain and Scotland's boozy culture.
    • If, back on that boozy tour in 1993, someone had told us that we would one day be mobbed outside that hotel after winning the World Cup, we would probably have bought him a pint, slapped him on the back and told him he was a very, very funny man.
    • She admits to the odd bout of boozy indulgence like the rest of us.
    • Once you've had your fill of boozy friskiness, cool down with a visit to Aros, the city's brand-new museum of modern art.
    • It's quite a dark comedy and anyone who's ever been on a boozy night out in a club like this will recognise the characters.
    • However, a mention of the conundrum during a boozy dinner party provoked an interesting and lively debate, so perhaps you might also like to raise the matter over the Sunday roast.