Translation of borderland in Spanish:


zona fronteriza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔrdərˌlænd/ /ˈbɔːdəland/


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    zona fronteriza feminine
    • Over 60 percent of the settlers came from England's borderlands region surrounding the Irish Sea: the Scottish lowlands, northern Ireland, and the six northern counties of England.
    • The Dee Estuary, the Wirral peninsula and the Welsh borderlands are all within easy access.
    • ‘Coming from the northeast of England and near the Scottish borderlands, I knew a little bit about castles,’ smiles Sylvester.
    • The western and southern borderlands of the Russian Empire were both its most urbanized and industrialized regions and the thickest with national minorities.
    • The brand-spanking-new hardcore gym has filled a gaping hole on the Manhattan-Bronx borderlands, a neighborhood in need of a place to pump serious iron.
    • The book focuses on the Economic Quadrangle, an ambitious and visionary plan to create a zone of economic cooperation, integration and prosperity in the borderlands of the upper-Mekong region.
    • If Cymbeline attempts to portray James's project for union as already having happened in Britain's ancient past, then the savage borderlands of the new empire are the last places one might want to enact such a coming together.
    • Their continued presence in the borderlands demonstrates that the use of the border to mark nationality remained incomplete.
    • By 1774, Iroquoia had become a true borderlands region.
    • These foot soldiers were spread throughout the borderlands of the Empire to protect from invasion and secure against revolts.
    • His policies in the borderlands were essentially conservative, although his Welsh birth and descent were an advantage in his dealings with Wales.
    • This geographical location of the Spanish borderlands can be described by the Nahuatl word nepantla, an indigenous term meaning ‘the place in the middle.’
    • The earl's apparent success in pacifying the Middle Shires and civilizing the erstwhile borderlands led the king to involve him in the creation of other legal institutions throughout Scotland.
    • Judging from settler letters and narratives, resettlement to the eastern borderlands did not produce radical change in the way that peasants defined themselves.
    • The fault occupies the farthest reaches of the friction zone between the Pacific and North American plates, an area geophysicists know as the borderlands.
    • Nay Ley stands in silence, in the shadow of a small hut in a clearing at the foot of the Shan mountains, on the borderlands between Burma and Thailand.
    • Son of a postman in a remote village of Béarn, in the borderlands with Spain, his trajectory bears many similarities to that of Raymond Williams, son of a railwayman in the marches of Wales, who was aware of the kinship between them.
    • Another important point is to demonstrate how culture and politics shape borders, by showing examples of borderlands where each side of a boundary has its own peculiarities.
    • The nadir came when his brother, Perdiccas III, died in battle against Illyrian invaders, who occupied the north-western borderlands.
    • Over time the economic ties forged through trading and raiding knitted originally disparate peoples into a cohesive borderlands society that had its own standards, practices, and, Brooks asserts, culture.