Translation of boredom in Spanish:


aburrimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔrdəm/ /ˈbɔːdəm/


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    aburrimiento masculine
    • I often find dead spiders in the house and wonder whether they've died from boredom or starvation.
    • Drew fought really, really hard to not roll her eyes in frustrated boredom.
    • However, now your baby will cry from boredom, anxiety, frustration and teething.
    • Sometimes a long period of whittling away at the front-runner can lead to boredom and apathy.
    • The relentless boredom, fear and frustration hung over her head like a black storm cloud.
    • We fear boredom, yet it is from boredom that real and productive imaginative play is spawned.
    • Local teenagers blamed the disturbances on boredom, and what they see as a total lack of things for them to do in the area.
    • The accident, along with endless months of pain and boredom in hospital, failed to break her spirit.
    • On the contrary, it has brought us obsessions with work, stress and boredom.
    • Emotional eating is a big problem for lots of people, and so is eating out of boredom, or habit.
    • You know, I think one of the problems I'm having at the moment is a deep and unassailable boredom.
    • If one more thing goes wrong with my body, my eyes are gonna roll back in my head with sheer utter boredom.
    • I read somewhere the other day about boredom being necessary for creativity.
    • They are paintings about boredom and the consolation of invented pleasures.
    • Every time the boys' boredom threatens to go off like a klaxon, she produces another palliative.
    • But their lives are rarely in danger; boredom is the great evil they must keep at bay.
    • The mild suggestion of boredom he affects can't disguise a hint of testiness.
    • With all this pressure the crew relieve boredom and tension of long flights by playing practical jokes.
    • Two whole easily forgettable years of torture and boredom are almost over.
    • There was certainly no boredom at the Varsity match in Cambridge on Saturday.