Translation of borzoi in Spanish:


galgo ruso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔrzɔɪ/ /ˈbɔːzɔɪ/


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    galgo ruso masculine
    • In addition to salukis, eligible breeds are whippets, greyhounds, Afghan hounds, borzois, Ibizan hounds, pharaoh hounds, Irish wolfhounds, and Scottish deerhounds.
    • Russians used the term borzoi to refer to all greyhounds and sight hounds - dogs that catch sight of and then chase their prey, either dispatching it when they catch up to it or detaining it until the hunter or huntress arrives.
    • There is also evidence of a borzoi cross entering the mix along the way, that evidence revealing itself in the convex profile of the bull terrier's head.
    • Rapid phenotypic selection has resulted in canine breeds as diverse as the tall, refined borzoi and the short, stocky pug; no other species of animal displays the range of phenotypic diversity seen in purebred dogs.
    • Even today certain borzoi characteristics crop up in rough collie heads.