Translation of bossy in Spanish:


mandón, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔsi/ /ˈbɑsi/ /ˈbɒsi/

adjective bossier, bossiest

  • 1

    mandón informal
    • A thin, tall woman with a bossy face was giving orders to other girls as they took plates to the different tables.
    • Self-assertion and a desire for autonomy are important components of genuine citizenship, as is a distrust of bossy authority.
    • A person who knows how to take charge and organise others can also be bossy and dictatorial.
    • It was obvious in the pride Jyller had and her bossy nature at ordering the maids around.
    • Someone should slap me but I think it's minor retribution for her unnecessarily autocratic, bossy tendencies that once again reared up yesterday.
    • Produce very bossy chocolate bars that will order the eater to do ten press ups between each bite.
    • His cocky and bossy attitude was not one she liked, but she did go over for Rolandon's sake.
    • They are always bossy and try to control you every second.
    • Sure, she could be a rude, obnoxious, pushy, bossy woman most of the time, but I also had to admit that she had the heart of a lion.
    • Her father left and her mother worked all the time, so Joey decided to become man of the house and take on an authoritarian and bossy role.
    • How could she be attracted to such a rude, egotistical, high-handed, bossy man like him?
    • I'm not sure if she was officially beachmaster, or just being bossy.
    • Tributes pour in thick and fast from Lapotaire: ‘She was completely in charge of the crew without being bossy.’
    • This also comes through in parliamentary debate, where her style has been criticised as somewhat bossy—despite her complaint that it is a pity the chamber has not allowed more space for cross-party agreement.
    • Speaking last week, after they had moved out and on condition of anonymity, they described him as ‘very bossy and imposing’ but with a ‘technical mind’.
    • ‘I like organising and I am fairly bossy,’ says the mum-of-two.
    • The doctor who called me bossy last week said I was doubly bossy today!
    • I'm bossy, and that's why I want to be a producer.
    • One ex-housemate, who did not want to be named, described him as a man who was difficult to get along with, very bossy and ‘imposing’.
    • Albert lives with his domineering, bossy, bullying, unhappy, horrible mother.