Translation of botany in Spanish:


botánica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑt(ə)ni/ /ˈbɒt(ə)ni/


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    botánica feminine
    • Modelling of plant growth and architecture relies on biological assumptions borrowed from botany and crop physiology.
    • Linnean tradition classified them as plants properly studied in botany.
    • During his tenure at Western, Gary taught courses in principles of biology, protistology, general botany, plant morphology, and freshwater algae.
    • At the other end, exactly reproducible images revolutionized the study of subjects like geography, astronomy, botany, anatomy, and mathematics.
    • Those with a scientific background of botany should take up a detailed study of endangered plant species to determine why they are dying out.
    • She had degrees in botany and in plant physiology and had been employed by the Open University since 1972.
    • The present trend is that technocrats want to study botany in air-conditioned rooms, and not in fields.
    • Local field botany was so important that TBC members could support a separate journal just devoted to that subject.
    • There he studied mathematics, physics, chemistry, botany and zoology.
    • These distinctions may seem somewhat arbitrary, but they highlight fundamentally different attitudes toward plant ecology, to science in general and to botany in particular.
    • Each of us has a great gift—the love of plants and botany—that we must pass on to our students and the public.
    • It should certainly be considered as a student textbook for courses on dendrology and field botany.
    • The authors document how this treatise has significantly influenced the course of medicine and the study of botany over the years.
    • This is a great piece to do when it can be timed to coincide with the science curriculum and studies of botany.
    • Background in botany, plant ecology, and geology is helpful.
    • The first chapter is a nice general introduction to the anatomy and morphology of trees—the basic botany needed to understand and use the field guide.
    • This text will be helpful to beginners in the field of economic botany, but the authors recommend further research for the serious student.
    • By the time I was adolescent, my father was involved in the study of botany and local historical sites.
    • It also had ramifications in physiology, botany, and metallurgy.
    • To round out his background before leaving, Lewis went to Philadelphia to study botany, zoology and navigation.
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    (of particular place)
    flora feminine
    • He knows the geology and botany, can describe all that creeps and crawls, bounds and flies and, above all, is able and willing to share his enthusiasms.
    • Well, you can imagine any mad botany or geology you please.
    • First they're introduced to the internal structures and geometries of the desert geology and botany.
    • His political conclusion repudiates the crude nationalism, a form of anthropomorphism when all is said and done, which projects upon regional botany its vainglorious xenophobia.
    • The complete account of the botany of the voyage was written by Gaudichaud in 1826.