Translation of bothersome in Spanish:


molesto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑðərsəm/ /ˈbɒðəs(ə)m/

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    (demands/questions) molesto
    (child/reporters) pesado
    (child/reporters) fastidioso
    they're becoming rather bothersome se están poniendo bastante pesados / fastidiosos
    • Human skin particles, pollen, and smoke are all part of this bothersome brew of irritants.
    • Babies are supposed to take naps during the day, which can sometimes be bothersome if you want to live a thing called life.
    • And I think that the result says something bothersome about the times in which we are living.
    • To make things even more complicated, there's the bothersome business of fuel consumption and reliability.
    • I wasn't sure quite what was so bothersome about it - other than the obvious obnoxiousness, of course.
    • Then, out of the clear blue, I got hit with a bothersome respiratory and gastric malady that laid me down.
    • I had strange, bothersome dreams last night that are still playing in my head.
    • Their logic dictates that the chances of bothersome winter postponements are reduced by propelling matches forwards.
    • Both species begin to annoy us more with the onset of warmer weather and become quite bothersome if not kept under control.
    • That's the kind of lid it would like to keep on bothersome information.
    • It is also an invitation to all those bothersome insect pests, which bite and annoy us, to join in on the activities.
    • Then I was stricken by one of those pre-emptive wake-ups that are usually so bothersome.
    • Commitment-phobes are all quite hurtful, but I find the last type most bothersome.
    • Loud noises are bothersome, except when they come from you or your friends.
    • That's an extreme view, but things have undoubtedly become more bothersome for the trade.
    • The most bothersome taxi ride was with a guy who didn't post his credentials and who didn't run his meter.
    • Many young people prefer looking good and playing computer games to all that bothersome physical activity.
    • In defenders' eyes, he may appear bothersome, but the man himself is keeping his aspirations in check.
    • Cutting it back is a necessary but bothersome task which I dread each year.
    • Sometimes walks over farmland can be bothersome with beasts, barbed wire and all.