Translation of bottle bank in Spanish:

bottle bank

contenedor de recogida de vidrio, n.


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    contenedor de recogida de vidrio masculine
    • Every weekend my husband and I go shopping at the Savacentre and since last year it has been littered with rubbish, the bins are never emptied and there is smashed glass everywhere from the bottle bank.
    • All my waste paper is collected by Halton Scout Group, all my glass goes to the bottle bank and all my old clothes go to charity shops or the bank at Salt Ayre.
    • There are many half-hearted environmentalists out there who (at least claim they) would like to help, but who at the end of the day can't be bothered to take their glass to a bottle bank.
    • Mrs Brasier, a nursing auxiliary, already uses her recycling box for papers but takes empty bottles to a bottle bank.
    • In addition, he said, there is often broken glass at the site where people have dropped bottles destined for the bottle bank, and somebody once left a tumble dryer there.
    • It's all very well trying to be green, but if all the plastic bags in the house have disappeared, what do you use to carry empty bottles to the bottle bank?
    • I also use the bottle bank regularly and am a firm believer in recycling.
    • Recycling centres are often located only in large towns so it takes real commitment to store those glass bottles and newspapers and bring them to a bottle bank if you have a distance to travel.
    • The bottle bank is now situated beside the new graveyard.
    • And it's a great stress reliever throwing bottles in the bottle bank!
    • Other items discussed at the monthly meeting of the Association were illegal dumping and a bottle bank.
    • A bottle bank for all types of glass and a can bank for food tins and aluminium drink cans is situated beside the Industrial Units on Church Road.
    • The bottle bank is only to be used for cans, clear glass, brown glass, green glass and clean clothes which are fit to be reworn.
    • The bottle bank will accept clear glass, brown glass, green glass and aluminium cans.
    • I purposefully choose not to have a car, because of the negative environmental impact (as well as the cost and sheer ridiculousness of maintaining a vehicle in this city), and the nearest bottle bank is over a mile away.
    • It rattles along at a fair lick and Colin Newton's drums sound like a bottle bank being blown up, but the next morning it is the infectious chorus that I can't stop humming.
    • Various old beliefs and prejudices clank about in the bottle bank that passes for my brain, ready to be crushed, melted and recast into something nearly new.
    • And they have to stop off at the bottle bank on the way.
    • If you live on a main bus route and opposite a supermarket bottle bank, you can move your main living room and bedroom to the back of the house, architecture allowing.
    • They have now come up with a back-breaking solution - a free push into the corner of the car park, where a bottle bank just happens to be in line with the mast.