Translation of bottle green in Spanish:

bottle green

verde botella, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑdl ɡrin/


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    (invariable adjective) verde botella


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    verde botella masculine
    • And when did the Irish switch from emerald green to bottle green?
    • In my surprised state I noted that his lime green hair matched my bottle green carpet perfectly.
    • The famous problem of insufficient bottle-green uniforms for the first of the new men resulted in the name that stuck, even among themselves: the Black and Tans.
    • I'll never forget being likened to a librarian by a former boss, as I breezed about the office in my calf-length brown checked skirt, bottle-green jumper and black button-to-the-neck cardie.
    • She rakes through the mud along the rubbish-strewn riverbank, sweating freely in the fierce tropical sun that glistens off the nearby bottle-green bay.
    • As you adjust the underboot strap and step on into these bottle green and black beauties, you suddenly realise you have passed through the gates of gaiter heaven.
    • The uniforms had white sleeves and bottle-green jackets.
    • Selena's bottle-green eyes suddenly glisten with tears, frightening Lilly so much that she runs to her mother and throws her arms around the woman's slim waist.
    • The deep slope becomes gentler and I rise to a comparatively shallow 18m, staying with the steeper wall, now adorned with patches of bottle-green sponge.
    • Putting down his plate, he wiped his sticky hand on the picnic blanket and shoved it into the pocket of his bottle-green velvet blazer.
    • He reached into his pack, which he preferred to have with him all the time, and produced a book bound in bottle-green leather.
    • Known for his gorgeous fabrications he also created a glorious tie-dye and floral printed silk in shades of bottle green, russet and inky blue which he had crafted into blouson tops and sweet mini dresses.
    • Isaac pulled a narrow glass canister out from a package, about two centimeters long, one wide, bottle green in color, apparently from the liquids inside.
    • Both are brilliant bottle green and flourishing despite having an impervious tar pavement surface right around their trunks which would do nothing to keep them watered.
    • Soon he found himself outside a set of bottle green double doors.
    • But in this crowd there are two ladies, one in red, the other in bottle green, who make it a very modern thing.
    • The windows were rosed and had stained glass of blue and bottle green.
    • His expression was neutral, but the look in his bottle green gaze was endearing.
    • They are rock hard and anchored deep in the ground, the golden red of their trunks perfectly offset by the bottle green of their foliage.
    • She was in a bottle green gown with silver embroidery.