Translation of bottom line in Spanish:

bottom line

balance final, n.


  • 1

    (in accounts)
    balance final masculine
    • What ultimately matters for them is the bottom line of the balance sheet, rather than a duty to serve.
    • Then, he subtracts that average from the bottom line, ignoring the actual charges.
    • How do you use it with people who are responsible for the bottom line of a company account sheet?
    • What we have is a Press controlled by owners interested in the bottom line, and taking credit for not interfering editorially.
    • But for those looking at the bottom line - the interest rate offered will be crucial.
    • Some of these events can have a major impact on the bottom line, either currently or in the future.
    • He agrees with IAG that it's the bottom line rather than hourly rates that counts.
    • He added that if taxpayers had opted for their notice of assessment to be quoted in Irish pounds the bottom line would still be given in euro.
    • This will give us a weapon in attempts by management to compromise ethics in the name of the bottom line or proprietors' interests.
    • Easing the debt burden is a necessity with a pension deficit that is now sapping an additional £133m a year from the bottom line.
    • It seems that these businessmen on the chamber are looking after what they look after best, the bottom line.
    • But not all travelers are as savvy with math and could use some help figuring out the bottom line.
    • We will see a further hit to the bottom line this year.
    • At the time, some critics condemned him as a ‘bean-counter’ interested only in the bottom line.
    • Those extra pennies you've been paying at the pump are making a difference in the bottom line for big oil.
    • If the financial bottom line was the only measure of the companies' worth, there would probably be no argument.
    • Actually, today, just five corporations own almost the entire record business, where numbers are the bottom line.
    • Now we're up closer to 80 cents, and that does take a fair bit off the bottom line for the Australian winery.
    • For those with their eye on the bottom line, U.S. rates of productivity have fallen behind those in Europe.
    • Second, good management can make a telling difference in the bottom line.
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    the bottom line is that we'll be left defenseless en pocas palabras / en resumidas cuentas, esto implica que nos quedaremos indefensos
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    (essential thing)
    the bottom line lo esencial