Translation of boulder in Spanish:


roca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈboʊldər/ /ˈbəʊldə/


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    (grande, alisada por la erosión) roca feminine
    • The organisation said the most numerous relics were rock carvings found on boulders and outcrops.
    • The trail narrowed, weaving round giant boulders and overhangs of smooth rock.
    • The reverie was broken as if someone hurled a boulder into a smooth flowing stream.
    • At 10m the reef of boulders and rock gave way to a soft silt seabed covered in large patches of eelgrass.
    • Position rocks or boulders around the posts, as well, to create added interest.
    • She hid behind a rock and quietly slunk around the pond, seeking refuge behind rocks and boulders.
    • The hard bedrock prevented deep sockets being excavated, so the stones were supported by boulders.
    • The walls and sea floor consist of stark boulders and rough seams of rock uncolonised by sedentary species.
    • The boys ascended a steep slope of pink rock to hide behind a boulder and watch.
    • The pool itself is strewn with huge granite boulders that jut out of the water like ancient statues.
    • Launching the craft from the base of a steep bank of boulders we push onto a serene section of river in bright morning sunshine.
    • Raised beds are often contained by large well fitted boulders or split granite.
    • Immense seascapes give way to more intimate, detailed pictures such as boulders on the beach at Lonbain.
    • The rescue efforts were also hampered by huge boulders, broken tree trunks and thick mud.
    • I slowly made my way up a surface of unstable icy boulders, but higher up a slick of snow made the footing a little more secure.
    • A natural row of boulders formed a sort of perimeter to the city though I noticed no evidence of any actual wall.
    • If we had skidded here we'd have had a long fall before crashing into the sharp boulders below.
    • Fortified by some lunch we clambered up a final range of large boulders and emerged onto the windswept summit.
    • We went to the edge of one of the large boulders on either side of the falls and peered down.
    • The trees, caves and boulders have a mystical atmosphere, with signposts few and far between.