Translation of bounty in Spanish:


munificencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaʊn(t)i/ /ˈbaʊnti/

nounplural bounties

  • 1literary

    (generosity) munificencia feminine literary
    (generosity) prodigalidad feminine
    (gift) presente masculine formal
    (gift) obsequio masculine formal
    • There is love, kindness and bounty in special relationships that bring you much happiness and joy.
    • It affects those who are the beneficiaries of the charity's functions, beneficence and bounty.
    • The 1960s and 1970s brought a loss of faith in the benevolent bounty of science.
    • A government land grant to the settlers and hard work soon brought prosperity to the family, an effect that the Professor credits to Allah's bounty.
    • So they earned Allah's grace and bounty, suffering no harm.
    • Equally white in The Sow's Litter, five well-rounded piglets enjoy their dam's bounty as she inspects her neat pail and trough of fodder.
    • What astonishing bounty there is in these careers!
    • It's a time of bounty, gathering in and the sharing of the harvest.
    • Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years as the men rested and enjoyed Circe's bounty.
    • Is it not brutish and for those not most fit rather deficient in its bounty?
    • Since we all work equally hard, and with equal skill, the inequality is again due to differences in the bounty of nature, which we believe to be morally arbitrary.
    • Where does the U.S. health-care system bestow its bounty?
    • Receive these gifts, that we may be avenues of bounty and refreshment to both friend and stranger.
    • She loves learning about nature and its bounty.
    • Despite the fact that nature has been harsh and cruel to Afghanistan it has been generous in bestowing bounties of sorts.
    • But the little girl understood that she was protected, not only by the woman who held her, but also by the bounty of nature that surrounded her.
    • You can visit it to enjoy the bounties of nature.
    • The bounties of Mother Nature and wealth from recycled waste were well depicted at the one-day exhibition.
    • Now is the time of the First harvest, when the bounties of nature give of themselves so that we may survive.
    • Rural India even today is at the mercy of nature's bounties and fury.
    • Try ‘Spring Glory’ for an extra bounty of flowers - it's hard to find a more floriferous forsythia.
    • Gifted with the bounty of nature, agricultural fields decorate the area.
    • The opening scenes present a bounty of puppies so unbearably cute, they'll elicit a chorus of coos from even the stoniest audience.
    • According to George, individuals have equal rights of access to the bounty of nature.
  • 2

    recompensa feminine
    • He never took his seat though, rather spending his time in exile with a bounty on his head and a growing conviction that he had a religious mission to save his people, causing many to question his sanity.
    • Luckily, she doesn't have that much screen time as the group tracks a bio-terrorist with a huge bounty on his head.
    • Also, if you will remember I am a bounty hunter and you have quite the bounty on your head.
    • As a result, every bounty hunter in the universe is gunning for him to collect the massive bounty on his head.
    • He fled with a bounty on his head and his sisters were abducted and forced into concubinage anyway.
    • She wondered what the bounty on her head was now.
    • ‘The bounty on her head will make us rich men,’ said the first with the midnight blue cloak.
    • At the time of Benjamin's arrest the bounty on his head had reached an astronomical $2 million.
    • For the time being, there was a minor bounty on his head, which led him to be prime pickings for the two partners.
    • He'd sent him to the South American jungle knowing there was a bounty on his head.
    • Mexican drug cartels have even offered a bounty for the killing of a U.S. law-enforcement officer.
    • Other nations have freed imprisoned terrorists, paid cash bounties, or otherwise helped the cause of terrorists.
    • Pamphlets known as night letters have appeared in eastern border regions promising bounties of up to $100,000 for the capture or killing of foreign soldiers, aid workers or journalists.
    • As for the Mexicans who have offered a $10,000 bounty on his head and those of other ranchers who run the round-ups: ‘Let them come, too.’
    • Set in the far future on a distant planet after Earth has been destroyed, it features an android named Vash, who has a $60 million dollar bounty on his head for allegedly blowing up a city.
    • You have a $20 million bounty on his head, are forced to live in a cave, and the most elite military units in the history of the world are trying to hunt you down.
    • Hedgehog hunters are to be offered an increased bounty of £20 per head to catch the spiky animals in advance of a government-backed cull on the Western Isles.
    • US officials declined to discuss how they learned of his whereabouts and whether anyone would claim a $25 million bounty on his head.
    • It achieves its main purpose better than the rabbit fence did, partly because there is a bounty to encourage hunters and farmers to shoot any dingoes found on the wrong side of the fence.
    • They also discriminated among animal species, so that large carnivores were excluded from the protective umbrella; indeed their slaughter was often encouraged with bounties.
    • The official policy of wiping them out intensified throughout the 17th century, and unusually generous bounties were offered to wolf-hunters.