Translation of bourbon in Spanish:


bourbon, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərbən/ /ˈbəːb(ə)n/ /ˈbʊəb(ə)n/

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    bourbon masculine
    whisky americano masculine
    • Of course, the menu also offers an extension selection of cognacs, single malts, bourbons and other whiskies, together with beer and wine suggestions.
    • Furnished in much red velvet plush, it's dark and decadent with a stunning choice of whiskies and bourbon.
    • Nearly all rum is aged in used oak barrels once used to mature bourbon or other whiskies.
    • The spirits called for in the following recipes are pure grain alcohol, vodka and bourbon or brandy.
    • Bourbon dinners feature dishes made with bourbon and different bourbons or whiskies served with each course.
    • And its consumption of bourbon whisky is about to overtake that of the US.
    • This is one of the primary reasons why extended aging is not as important to tequila as it might be to bourbon or cognac.
    • Try drinking your way through its range of hundreds of blends and single malts, bourbons, Scotch, Irish and even Indian whiskies, and you'll forget Ascot was ever here
    • You try mixing Thunderbird and rotgut bourbon and see how you feel.
    • The bourbon and tequila will also tenderize the meat, but if left too long, the meat will caramelize - that's bad.
    • Not all people enjoy the bitter taste of beer, so it is a good idea to have some delicious vodka or bourbon as a taste alternative.
    • As an aside, I will note that I drank bourbon and ginger ales throughout this extravaganza.
    • Red wine, for instance, is more likely to result in a severe hangover than white wine; bourbon and port are more likely to than gin or vodka.
    • Marie nodded and then poured some more bourbon on the wound, to disinfect it.
    • It's a tough life. I think I'll pour myself another bourbon and light up a cigarette.
    • Those times were becoming more frequent as Cyrus drank more… moonshine mostly, bourbon when he could get it.
    • I gently explain that they don't do bourbon in small country pubs in England.
    • Leaning on the counter for balance, I nearly clear knocked our paper-bag wrapped bottle of bourbon onto the floor.
    • Last night, in the absence of echinacea, I doctored myself with a fiery curry and generous amounts of a rather rough Kentucky bourbon.
    • He had a fag in hand and 19 bourbon and cokes lined up down the bar.