Translation of bourgeois in Spanish:


burgués, adj.

Pronunciation /bʊrˈʒwɑ/ /ˈbʊrʒwɑ/ /ˈbʊəʒwɑː/


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    Politics Sociology
    • What is remembered is their immorality and their rejection of bourgeois values applied to family, society and the formal concept of beauty.
    • In fact, throughout the 19th century, the French state was a bourgeois state which echoed middle-class needs and values.
    • Illegitimacy, welfare dependency, and criminality were more prevalent than in the South, with its much stronger bourgeois values.
    • Bad memories resurface as each character's hidden resentment is revealed, from redundancy to marital rejection and disillusionment with bourgeois values.
    • It thought it was so much better than its parents, those class-bound dinosaurs whose bourgeois values it thought it was systematically eliminating.
    • People in the privileged classes can sniff at bourgeois values and still turn out O.K. because they eventually grow up.
    • Sadly, this means that instead of remaining at the cutting edge of creativity, London designers are sometimes forced to take on bourgeois values.
    • Could it be that in just two years the scourge of bourgeois values is now entering the American mainstream?
    • They both were scions of bourgeois families, raised and living in a typical middle class milieu.
    • The sensuality of the dance and the lyrics emphasizing lowlife values and language challenged bourgeois morality and dominant views on appropriate female behavior.
    • This was a prosperous time for Bavaria and there developed a flourishing art market, concentrating on conventional, unchallenging bourgeois genre pieces.
    • The more the peasant exerted himself in response to the government's plea for more production, the more he prospered and developed bourgeois attitudes.
    • He analyzed bourgeois culture which conveniently precluded his being absorbed by it.
    • There's a famous letter he wrote to his brother, denouncing him for not accepting the bourgeois values.
    • Divorces were concentrated among middle-class and bourgeois women living in the towns of northern France.
    • Hippies seem to come from largely bourgeois families.
    • The Middle East became the lover she could not have and a refuge from the bourgeois England of her family.
    • The slate had to be cleaned of all bourgeois conventions, traditions and expectations.
    • Rational recreation was best expressed in the suburban ideal of the bourgeois family home that had clearly emerged by 1850.
    • His work is critical of bourgeois values, particularly sexual repression, and exposes hypocrisy.
    • The social democrats gambled on bourgeois democracy and the stability of capitalism.
    • British capitalism is a bourgeois democracy, and both bits of that label are important.
    • At one point, Communists said that bourgeois democracy was a step forward from feudalism.
    • Pivotal to such a bourgeois conception of socialism, is the bourgeois assessment of capitalism.
    • It was only with the development of capitalism, the capitalist market and the bourgeois state that minority languages were actively repressed.
  • 2derogatory

    (person/attitudes) burgués
    (person/attitudes) aburguesado


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    Politics Sociology
    burgués masculine
    burguesa feminine
    • At the end of 1968, a group of student rebels accused Li of being a ‘newly born bourgeois.’
    • The play fails as tragedy not because Willy is a struggling bourgeois rather than a man of stature, but because he lacks the element of choice. He is a victim, not an anti-hero.
    • The rise of relativism, and its inevitable corollary, nihilism, represents the triumph of the bourgeois.
    • Do this at the Opera House and the bourgeois in the front row would be shifting uncomfortably in their seats I'll wager.
    • My first weekend off in a month, and I'm with Eton and the English bourgeois.
    • Nobles and bourgeois depended on extra-economic coercion to appropriate this mass of resources controlled by common subjects.
    • Until the mid-seventeenth century, bourgeois and nobles in many regions used the local tongue among themselves, and even wrote literary works in them.
    • Just as nobles and bourgeois were defined by their lifestyle, so too were workers, with the common economic feature that they all worked with their hands.
    • Far from being typical of the Swiss bourgeois his enemies have described, his ideas were highly innovative and far ahead of his time.
    • A State Council served as the consulting body, comprised mainly of Neapolitan nobles and bourgeois.
    • While nobles and bourgeois owned most of the land, peasants were left in control of it.
    • It was a philosophy for the public sphere as well as a statement of the contemporary bourgeois.
    • My dreams differed from those of the common bourgeois.
    • In its completely developed form this family exists only among the bourgeois.
    • In a phrase, he did not want to be a Communist so much as he wanted not to be a bourgeois.
    • All the same, many bourgeois wore thick shoes, carried umbrellas, and tried to look as much like their own concierges as they could.
    • The typical bourgeois of the middle years of the century was too busy making money to be bothered with politics.
    • It attracted to its ranks many local bourgeois.
    • It's in your hands now, you hip intellectual bourgeois!
    • By 1931 the uneasiness had extended to many conservative bourgeois who viewed the radicalism of the new movement with apprehension.
  • 2derogatory

    burgués masculine
    burguesa feminine