Translation of bout in Spanish:


Pronunciation /baʊt/

See Spanish definition of combate


  • 1

    (period, spell)
    I had a bout of flu tuve una gripe muy fuerte
    • fully recovered after a bout of illness totalmente recuperado luego de una enfermedad
    • bout of negotiations tanda de negociaciones
    • after a bout of activity tras una racha de actividad
    • a drinking bout that ended in tragedy una borrachera / juerga que terminó en tragedia
    • The sad truth is that one in five of us will suffer from a bout of severe depressive illness and many more will dip in and out of milder depressions.
    • It was also revealed the 31-year-old suffered severe bouts of depression.
    • His men weren't given to strong bouts of emotion, which was how he'd designed them to be.
    • Several newspapers have emphasised a claim that he suffered from bouts of mental illness.
    • The vaccine also protects you against contracting severe bouts of illness.
    • Next I began having full-blown panic attacks and a bout of depression.
    • Gloomy winter days often leave us feeling low but for some they can spark bouts of severe depression.
    • His readmission prompted a severe bout of post-operative depression - which doctors had told him to expect - but he didn't expect it to hit him so hard.
    • In the following years, she learned who her friends really were and fought her way back from a severe depression and bouts of shame and guilt.
    • Finally, I have suffered several bouts of clinical depression.
    • The reports contradict the official word from the Vatican, where spokesmen have maintained the frail Pope suffered a bout of the flu.
    • Roth has been quiet ever since, prompting some to suggest that he had been suffering from a severe bout of writers' block.
    • The early deaths of his children would later lead to bouts of depression and emotional suffering.
    • It is important that an epileptic does not experience severe bouts of anger, as this can precipitate an epileptic attack.
    • It became routine to cry it all out, suffer these bouts of emotional pain and return to classes or normal life without anyone noticing anything different.
    • Despite bouts of poverty, illness and alcoholism, Morriseau has come to be regarded as one of this country's most important artists.
    • She still suffers from bouts of vomiting blood, headache and giddiness.
    • Kevin, who is recuperating after a bout of illness, is well on the road to a full recovery and back active in Irish-American circles once again.
    • This period of strong emotion usually gives way to bouts of intense sadness, silence and withdrawal from family and friends.
    • But that's enough of that lest I be accused of a bout of Short Man's Syndrome or some such.
  • 2

    (in boxing, wrestling) combate masculine
    (in boxing, wrestling) encuentro masculine
    (in fencing) asalto masculine
    • The phrase originates from the days of early bare-knuckle boxing or prizefighting bouts, a time long before any rules were produced by the Marquess of Queensberry.
    • Fox's Celebrity Boxing scored a knockout in the ratings ring, undoubtedly ensuring a long string of rematches, grudge matches and return bouts.
    • The Holmes-Norton title fight ranks up there with the greatest Heavyweight Championship bouts of all time.
    • When he got back to wrestling, the bout got a lot better.
    • Similar to the previous title, you'll have the option to choose pickup games, quick matches and online bouts against competitors.
    • If neither contestant withdraws during a contest, males engage in discrete wrestling bouts, in which they attempt to clasp and submerge their opponent.
    • They continue up the ladder and, after a number of years, are judging big-time fights - in some cases, championship bouts.
    • Have our American fighters fight more international bouts.
    • He was forced to take a couple of punches in the first few seconds of the bout, but he fought back and was well on top at the end of the opening round.
    • At the end of the bout, which I lost, the fans chanted ‘Please come back,’ and I was genuinely moved by that.
    • There are the naysayers, of course, who claim the wrestling bouts are all staged.
    • But it is not permitted to use serious tricks when the wrestling bout is between friends.
    • The final bout in the boxing ring is genuinely exciting, although the evening seems to tail off, lacking a real ending.
    • While presiding over the wrestling bouts of the other village boys he would never allow me to take on anybody since he knew I wasn't as tough.
    • Mind you, it's my Grandparents 60th Anniversary today and I'm having lunch with them on Friday; I could see if they're up for a bout in the boxing ring!
    • We were larking around with a bout of on-street wrestling when I noticed a pile of rotten vegetables on a deserted stall.
    • In the evening, a boxing bout at the MEN Arena could attract a crowd of 15,000.
    • It may be, as has been suggested, that what they are actually seeing is a bout of traditional Celtic wrestling.
    • Sumo bouts by professional wrestlers are being staged in South Korea for the first time since the end of World War II.
    • Others went so far as to stage bouts between professional Sumo wrestlers and jujitsu men.