Translation of bowel in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbaʊ(ə)l/ /ˈbaʊəl/


  • 1

    large bowel intestino grueso
    • to move / open one's bowels hacer de vientre
    • The large intestine or large bowel consists of the colon and the section before the anus, the rectum.
    • This misplaced tissue may be found on the ovaries, uterus, bowel, pelvis and abdomen.
    • Cancer of the small bowel, the longer, thinner part of the intestines is much rarer.
    • Terrified and claustrophobic she vomited and evacuated her bowel and bladder.
    • The colon is the large intestine or lower bowel and sits in the abdomen, forming the last part of the digestive tract.
    • It coats the inside of the bowel and makes it easier to see on the x-rays.
    • In contrast to those of the large bowel, benign villous adenomas of the urinary tract are rare.
    • Peritonitis causes the normal bowel movement to stop and the bowel to become blocked.
    • When the disease affects only the rectum - the final portion of the bowel, it is known as proctitis.
    • Less commonly, endometriosis can occur on the bladder, bowel or other organs.
    • Try taking some laxatives to help the muscles of the bowel to constrict.
    • One baby was lying on each side of her stomach but her bowel sat in a band across it, and was so heavy it was like carrying a third child.
    • Other operations included a double bowel and bladder transplant and treatment for a burst appendix.
    • The pelvic floor is formed of layers of muscle that support the uterus, bowel and bladder.
    • It often affects more than one part of the bowel leaving normal, unaffected areas in-between.
    • So when you say permeability you mean the bowel literally becomes more leaky than it should be.
    • There are plans for a national bowel screening program to begin here in Australia.
    • The doctor will listen to your description of symptoms and will probably want to know about your bowel habit.
    • The upper cut end of the bowel is brought out through this opening and the edges are stitched to the margins of the opening.
    • Most infections are caused by bacteria that live harmlessly in your bowel.
  • 2literary bowels plural

    in the bowels of the earth en las entrañas de la tierra
    • But what if someone stood up and admitted whatever he held deep within the bowels of his soul.
    • Deep in bowels of the mansion was the epicentre of communication technology and field command.
    • He would have to take it deep into the bowels of the earth, for the glorious Garland Battle was about to begin.
    • The clerk practically jumped from his chair and scurried off, deep into the bowels of the office.
    • He was deep in the bowels of the Utopian hierarchy's realm, so there was no turning back now.
    • Dark things were happening last week, deep in the bowels of Scottish Labour, as rival factions settled accounts.
    • No wonder there's an air of trepidation deep in the bowels of the new Mound complex as they look forward to seeing the entries.
    • Once she was sure the rope was secure she lowered the bucket into the deep bowels of the well.
    • Of course, I am doing most of my work in a windowless meeting room deep in the bowels of the structure.
    • He came upon an alley deep within the bowels of the city and spotted his prey below him.