Translation of box girder in Spanish:

box girder

viga hueca, n.


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    viga hueca feminine
    • This method made it necessary to place vertical steel pins through the top and bottom slabs of the deck box girder.
    • The steel strut is a fabricated plate box girder weighing 800 lb/ft.
    • Currently about 80% complete, the first 2200 feet of guideway is a cast-in-place trapezoidal concrete box girder.
    • He has been testing a 31-m trapezoidal steel box girder, 2 m deep, that would accommodate seismic displacement.
    • The arch's 4-ft-wide box girder is 6 ft deep at mid-span and 20 ft deep at the ends.
    • To span this space Peters designed the frame's most innovative element: a 143-foot-long giant steel box girder as the primary support for the first balcony.
    • Seven magnificent reinforced concrete piers, the world's tallest, with heights ranging from 78 to 245 meters will support the 32-meter- wide steel superstructure with its trapezoidal hollow box girders.
    • The precast dual box girders weigh 35 tons each, with pier segments up to 60 tons.
    • For aesthetic reasons, the bascule span uses steel box girders - a first for bascule span bridges.
    • The column-free space is spanned by main trusses that rest on box girders.