Translation of boxcar in Spanish:


vagón de carga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑksˌkɑr/ /ˈbɒkskɑː/


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    vagón de carga masculine
    furgón masculine
    • Workers for Skywork, a Gibson City-based firm, have started sandblasting a boxcar and a caboose on the north side of the museum grounds.
    • The TLC will handle lumber, steel, aluminum and food products, and is designed to load and unload all types of railcars from centerbeams to boxcars and gondolas.
    • Several Western Maryland cars were alongside along with a boxcar and caboose.
    • Back then in 1966, I thought nothing of the F units and E units and ALCOs, passenger trains, cabooses and 40 foot boxcars that were the norm in the USA.
    • The locomotives lead two express boxcars, a heritage baggage, a business class coach, café, three more coaches, and two or three express cars at the end.
    • Born in a railway boxcar in Illmo, MO, Jackson reinvented himself many times.
    • The Union Pacific train was backing into a parked string of five boxcars to transport them, but accidentally struck the sitting boxcars, sending one off of the tracks and into the adjacent cold storage facility.
    • There even was a couple of Bombardier passenger train cars, between a boxcar and a flatcar, for use in St. Louis' new commuter rail system, not to be confused with its light rail system.
    • Though undoubtedly inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, it recalls the locomotives and boxcars of the Underground Railroad at times and the souls of millions lost to the rigorous Middle Passage at others.
    • A rail system can reroute traffic around destroyed tracks, repair sections of damaged rail, or even transfer freight from boxcars to trucks.
    • Graduating from high school in 1956, I went to work unloading freight from trucks and boxcars for $40 a week.
    • When she gets back, Pa and the head of the family living on the other side of their boxcar, Mr. Wainwright, are discussing his daughter's relationship with Al.
    • But it sounded far more enticing than dodging a runaway boxcar in a lonely freight yard at 2 a.m.
    • The latest was Thursday when a boxcar hit another car in a yard near KellyUSA, causing a pair of wheels to slip off the tracks, Bromley said.
    • On the second day of rain, Al took the tarpaulin separating the two sides of the boxcar and draped it over the front end of the truck.
    • As soon as the train began to slow down the tiniest bit, hub grabbed on to one of the many handles on the side of a storage boxcar.
    • I found that out when an explosion ripped through the sides of the massive boxcar I was in.
    • They boarded the boxcar with no sides, so they could fire out at anyone close to the train.
    • Three engines and 11 boxcars derailed near the 3800 block of Croton Avenue.
    • Originally the railroad moved the trees in boxcars to Los Angeles where they were spotted for unloading by a wide variety of vendors.