Translation of boxer in Spanish:


púgil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑksər/ /ˈbɒksə/

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    púgil masculine, feminine
    boxeador masculine
    boxeadora feminine
    • The highways of boxing are littered with boxers who try to re invent themselves only to end up as road kill.
    • He should be working to help boxers from within the sport rather than put himself outside it.
    • Daredevil possesses the acrobatic ability of a circus performer and the pugilistic skills of a boxer.
    • At age 13, Stevenson was asked to come to Havana to train as a boxer at the national sports complex.
    • Both fighters were capable of cutting off the ring and both were very good boxers.
    • My thing is to bring these kids up knowing how to respect themselves in and out of the ring as boxers and men.
    • If we expect the best boxers, then only the best officials should be allowed to work.
    • How would it be if certain states did not require male boxers to wear protective cups?
    • Still, in his prime Randy fought the best and only lost to the best boxers of his time.
    • Khan scores the first point of the bout in a cagey first round as both boxers size each other up.
    • Sharmba is a great boxer, one of the best, but we need to prove that we are in a lead group.
    • Maxie had no punch but he was a great boxer who would win most of his fights on points.
    • He used to be a middle-weight boxer so he taught me how to box when I was a little girl.
    • Just take a look at the dismal performance of our boxers against boxers from other provinces.
    • In a tense, closely fought encounter the boxers were level going into the last round.
    • Unlike boxers today, he fought everybody when they were at the top of their tree.
    • So, if you have never attended a live boxing match, come along and watch some great young boxers in action.
    • There were also performances by boxers from the British Thai Boxing Council and other martial arts experts.
    • Attending this boxing tournament was crucial for St Lucian boxers who need to stay active.
    • It always makes me laugh like a little child when boxers get over-excited about a brawl at a boxing match!
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    bóxer masculine, feminine
    • I have the utmost respect for boxers, a breed who put their lives on the line each time they compete.
    • On the far left is Lisa, and Art and Luke Stowe with the Irish wolf hound Strider and their boxer Luke.
    • Upon arriving at Scootypoof's place, I was really pleased to be greeted by Popeye the boxer dog and one of his favourite toys.
    • Holding a photograph of her parents with their boxer dog William, Mrs Wilkins said it was how she wanted to remember them.
    • The genetic basis of the white spotting pattern in Dutch boxer dogs is not known.