Translation of boy in Spanish:


niño, n.

Pronunciation /bɔɪ/


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    • 1.1(baby, child)

      niño masculine
      chico masculine
      is it a boy or a girl? ¿es niño o niña?
      • the little boys' room el (cuarto de) baño
      • One night as I was tucking the boys into bed, I noticed how much longer their legs seemed since our arrival.
      • Instead of cajoling the boys into bed around 8pm, Garfield now makes sure both are tucked up by 6.30.
      • She tucked the boys into their beds, read them a story and sat with them till they fell asleep.
      • His sons are still little boys, and he takes them out in a boat on the estuary.
      • The Benn boys were descended from politicians on both sides of the family.
      • Of course the rest of the family, wife and two teenage boys are still in bed in denial of the work that looms ahead.
      • Father and son, the boy would be 8 or 9, he may be 10, we don't know, who cares anyway?
      • She wants the right to have her son, the boy she tried to drown, visit her in prison.
      • Hence the father had quite different plans for the boy; but the son persisted and at last had his way.
      • Russell Crowe has written a heartfelt open letter to his baby son to mark the boy's first birthday.
      • Within six hours their baby boy was fighting for his life in intensive care, covered in a dark bruise-like rash.
      • My Mother was the last of ten children, six boys and four girls.
      • She has three foster children, two boys and one girl, aged five, six and 14.
      • Bernhard was the second of their six children, two boys and four girls.
      • Sister Constance was one of seven children, six girls and a boy, born in Essex.
      • The couple have three teenage children, two boys and a girl.
      • The other children, a boy and a girl aged nine and six respectively, are both in grade six.
      • She made it waterproof so it would float, and then placed her dear baby boy into it.
      • She was deeply moved by the recent death of her friend's baby boy.
      • I am his sole carer and his mother; he is my little boy and my best friend.
      • It trades on facile ideas about city and country, youth and age, boys and girls.
      • There were old and young people, little boys and girls, teenagers and babies in prams.
      • The council is now made up of six boys and girls, all teenagers.
      • Last month, the club organized a 15-day special shooting camp for both boys and girls aged six years and above.
      • Police are hunting six yobs - three boys and three girls - aged around 15.
      • Twenty six boys and girls received their first Holy Communion last Saturday.
      • The pair were among six contestants - three boys and three girls - who had only a few minutes to get to know each other.
      • This is mainly aimed at children, both boys and girls, between the ages of six and 12.
      • There are about five or six boys and girls all begging in the area in and around Ae Gams and Mini Market in Sam Nujoma Avenue in Windhoek.
      • There are six women and about six boys and girls in the pit I work in; it is very hard work for a woman.
      • The nine boys and six girls that sat before him greeted him in their different ways.
      • The number of pupils needed to be taught for one more pupil to know the correct time limits was six for boys and five for girls.
      • Seeing the children walk to school every day, boys and girls, is a sight that shows daily success.
      • There will be major parts for nine small children - seven girls and two boys, and minor parts for up to ten more.
      • Congratulations to all the infant boys and girls that started in Kill National School last week.
      • Young girls and boys (the pupils) were being interviewed in a police station with ad hoc interpreters.
      • The Summer Camp are open to all young players, boys and girls, between the ages of 8 and 16.
      • I understand that there is a huge upswing in the sales of hair colourants, especially for the younger girls and boys.
      • Young girls and boys in army uniforms do ceremonial duties.

    • 1.2(son)

      hijo masculine
      chico masculine
      she has three boys tiene tres hijos / chicos
      • my oldest boy is 22 mi hijo mayor tiene 22 años
      • one of the Smith boys uno de los hijos / chicos de los Smith

    • 1.3informal (young man)

      muchacho masculine
      chico masculine
      a good old boy un sureño típico
      • a night out with the boys una noche de juerga con los muchachos / los chicos
      • Mincing up to the two new boys on the team and asking, ‘Have you killed before?’ might seem a little abrupt.
      • As photographs emerged of British soldiers torturing prisoners - not our dear British boys!
      • Good, experienced players were omitted from the World Cup squad and the new boys didn't deliver.
      • However, four games into the new season and Manchester United are looking strong in the second place position, behind new boys Bolton.
      • Like the late Nick Drake, local boy Summers seems too fragile a creature to last very long on this planet.
      • It is not hard to see why local boy Steinbeck loved this place despite his depiction of the harshness meted out to some.
      • It will be fantastic for the young kids in Keighley to see a local boy playing in rugby league's showpiece.
      • A magnificent photo he took of a crying local boy was run on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age.
      • This Christmas, which Matt spent on the Ivory Coast, a local boy got sick and nobody knew what was wrong with him.
      • He is a local boy, made good; his rise to prominence begun on the back of that most Scottish of virtues - education.
      • Now, my son's a Texas boy, and had he found the car, someone would have been boot kicked.
      • Perhaps as a backlash against political intolerance, frat boy chic now appears to be king.
      • Elvis would never have been able get his mouth around all that college boy wordplay.
      • You were few and far between, but it was worth the wait - if you're into that whole surfer grungy tanned beach boy look.
      • He could not handle the fact that bovver boy threats and intimidation failed to shut us up.
      • He has the looks of the Sixth Former and the body of a Greek Adonis with an innocent farm boy look in his eye.
      • She was probably the only person to ever see that his eyes were hazel and know that his hair had once been beach boy blonde.
      • Gregarious and jovial to the point of being manic, his movies are excuses for unforced frat boy fun.
      • But the stories of avarice and greed and frat boy idiocy are only a part of the tale.
      • The quiet Spanish country boy saw off the experienced American in the Pyrenees and then confirmed his win against the clock.
      • Don't get me wrong, he was a nice guy, he was just nice in the small town naïve frat boy way.
      • Johansson and Christensen fare worse, though, with frat boy fantasies for characters.
      • George sensitively edited her new manuscript and mourned the absence of his lover, a French sailor boy.
      • They shouted at the crazy little slave boy who smiled in the face of death.

    • 1.4(servant)

      criado masculine
      mozo masculine

  • 2

    perro masculine
    down, boy! ¡sentarse!
    • Bad dog! Down boy!
    • So during arrests he'd be yelling "Down boy! Down boy!" at the dog and journalists wrote about how hard the officer tried to get the dog off the criminal.
    • Sit! Good Boy!


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