Translation of boyo in Spanish:


muchacho, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔɪoʊ/ /ˈbɔɪəʊ/

nounplural boyos

informal, dialect
  • 1

    (as form of address)
    chaval Spain informal
    chavo Mexico informal
    pibe River Plate informal
    cabro Chile informal
    • Rally round the flag, boyos, to celebrate 100 years of hate.
    • Make sure the Millennium Stadium is full, boyos, and you might just do it.
    • It may look greener in the next field, boyos, but what you've got right beside you is just as fine.
    • More and more people are opting to stay at home on New Year's eve because if you're in a pub you are in severe danger of being ploughed out of the way by a herd of thirsty boyos trying to get to the bar.
    • These four boyos are all united by a total disregard for their own personal safety and a burning desire to destroy the boundaries of taste and decency.
    • As for the New Wave boyos, well, how dated are they when you listen to them now?
    • Perhaps pharmaceuticals and biotech stuff, if the animal rights boyos can be kept at bay.
    • ‘I just want you to know, boyo,’ he said, ‘that you had my vote.’
    • There is a faint trace of a smile, but he does not flinch: whatever the honorary boyo's faults, he is unlikely to be bought with a knighthood.
    • TV advertising ain't cheap, boyo.
    • For instance, if I swear at politicians, I can generally explain why I do it and the boyo gets to find out a bit more.
    • Given the way pro-snooping laws are proliferating, architects can now expect regular visits from the security boyos.
    • I am most certainly your elder, and I will take you over my knee if I have to, boyo.
    • But if you start off by aiming at giving the customer an honest value with an honest welcome, boyo, you'll be in the running.
    • And then he bought the magazine which has his name on every boyo's lips.
    • Get your Holyhead ferry timetables out, boyo - figures from the British Land Registry show property prices in some parts of Wales rising by a massive 49% in the year to September.
    • If I command him to put the newest posts at the top like every other bleeding blog in the world - are you listening boyo - will he obey?
    • With a broken pelvis, police interrogations and his girlfriend dead, this boyo has a whole heap of problems.
    • It's lovely, boyo, as they probably wouldn't dream of saying in these parts.
    • Look here boyo while I pick apart your statement.