Translation of bozo in Spanish:


sujeto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈboʊzoʊ/ /ˈbəʊzəʊ/

nounplural bozos

slang, derogatory
  • 1

    sujeto masculine derogatory
    tipo masculine informal
    • We've called him and his ilk everything from thickheaded bozos, to donkeys and pious do-gooders.
    • ‘We're just going to have a bunch of bozos who will do nothing for us at Westminster,’ said one women's campaigner.
    • What a total bunch of selfish bozos we are in the West.
    • She could fool the other two bozos anytime, anywhere, but it was this guy who made her wary.
    • He'd probably tell a number of important senators that they were bozos.
    • Unfortunately, the America's-always-to-blame bozos get all the publicity - and you're giving them more by implying that their moral blindness characterizes the academy as a whole.
    • That's not even counting all the virus emails I've been receiving from these bozos who don't understand the concept of not opening attached files from people they don't know.
    • I wish I had, because my dread about being trapped with cruise-ship bozos would have been replaced by a more accurate dread of being trapped with ocean-liner snobs.
    • With profits down and teleconferencing getting ever more sophisticated, those business travelers are staying put or buying restricted tickets like the rest of us bozos.
    • Anyway, Mr. B. pays these bozos $75 for failing to figure out what's wrong with the machine and takes it home with a promise to call if the problem recurs.
    • Don't expect these bozos to know that, however.
    • And admittedly once you have to pull out the public policy dictionary on these bozos they've pretty much fought you to a draw in political terms.
    • If every single pilot in America shows up for work with a nine-millimeter on his belt, are the security bozos really going to shut down the country again?
    • The best thing to do with these bozos is not to get into back and forth chants with them, but to participate in the festivities themselves and outnumber them.
    • The journalists will look like bozos if they don't push this.
    • Someday these bozos are going to figure out that it doesn't pay to try to set the CIA up as the fall guys.
    • How about restoring confidence in the House of Representatives by calling for the resignation of these bozos?
    • E-mail is a cold and barren medium, but it's efficient, and we don't have to wait for the bozo on the other end to hang up - we just hit escape.
    • This bozo later got a prime spot on the roster, encouraging all his fans to register to vote.
    • This is a very healthy situation to be in, not with regard to the bankrupt bunch of bozos who sit over there.