Translation of brackish in Spanish:


salobre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbrækɪʃ/ /ˈbrakɪʃ/


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    • Apparently any terrain is suitable as long as it is washed regularly by salty or brackish water.
    • All are clad crisply in pre-oxidized copper panels, which are brawn, more than green, though this will change somewhat after winter gales spray the tower with the brackish water of the estuary.
    • Although the water was slightly brackish he soon had some excellent results.
    • They also suggest that even if some Barrow's Goldeneyes molt on freshwater lakes near the littoral zone, most males frequent the brackish waters of estuaries similar to their wintering habitat.
    • In south-west districts, where underground water is brackish, salts have surfaced and are cause of concern, as these will burn crops and make cattle fodder injurious to their health.
    • The cholera bacterium may also live in the environment in brackish rivers and coastal waters.
    • Some occur in the brackish water of estuaries and protected bays, commonly along steep parts of rocky reefs.
    • Preferring calm conditions, seahorses are often found near brackish water where salt and fresh water mix.
    • Estuaries (where fresh river water meets salty ocean water) are examples of brackish waters.
    • Atholville, New Brunswick, lay underwater in a coastal estuary, a brackish fresh and salt water environment teeming with life.
    • They are known to spend time in brackish water and even rivers.
    • The two others are of a type found in fresh or brackish (slightly salty) water.
    • Most live in fresh or brackish (slightly salty) water and a few are found in marine habitats.
    • As a rule of thumb, phosphorus tends to be a problem in upstream and freshwaters, whereas nitrogen is a larger problem in downstream, brackish, and salty waters.
    • Rather than trying to remove the salt from seawater, the plant would use brackish waters from the Thames ebb tide.
    • It won't take constant salt water, but it will take brackish water and it will take salt water if you flush it once the salts builds up in the root zone and the soil.
    • Most of where I live also happens to be beach, or at least bordered by some kind of salt or brackish water, so that's a plus from my perspective.
    • The otherwise brackish groundwater had become safe for consumption.
    • This allows the tree to use the brackish water by filtering out the salt.
    • These shoaling fish, found in temperate and tropical waters around the world, willingly enter brackish waters, caring little how salty these are.