Translation of braggart in Spanish:


fanfarrón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbræɡərt/ /ˈbraɡət/ /ˈbraɡɑːt/


  • 1

    fanfarrón masculine
    fanfarrona feminine
    jactancioso masculine
    jactanciosa feminine
    • Are all fans from Philadelphia loud-mouthed braggarts?
    • He was a braggart and a poseur, who frequently tripped himself up by telling inconsistent versions of the same story.
    • Why people would want to read the raving, uninformed postings of anonymous blowhards and braggarts for voyeuristic sport is beyond me.
    • For example, if you know an arrogant person, don't just write him off as a swaggering braggart.
    • They are the biggest braggarts in the bar, with the least to brag about.
    • Successful entrepreneurs are not just braggarts.
    • He, who's a braggart and a drunk and a rat and a scoundrel, at his death bed, says, I find Christ.
    • Ronnie was a bully and a braggart, and the fact he was bright and entertaining did not mitigate the fact he was a murderer.
    • He is a braggart with an ego so inflated that he often speaks of himself in the third person.
    • Doris also ventures back into the troubled waters of romance, whether she's being fixed up by her sons with an egotistical lawman or giving a braggart his comeuppance.
    • Odysseus was a braggart and a poor winner who couldn't keep his big mouth shut and got punished by the gods for it.
    • Heroes are not known by the loftiness of their carriage; the greatest braggarts are generally the merest cowards.
    • Most of the soldiers were a dull lot, either sullen and silent, not wishing to be where they were, or braggarts, constantly telling all who would listen of their strength and bravery.
    • His males are braggarts whose emotions stay on the surface: if they have interior lives, Walsh isn't interested in them.
    • He is a charming braggart who through accessorizing makes his three uniform wardrobe look like twelve.
    • No, because if Todd is anything, he is a braggart.
    • I suppose not, although quite frankly I never liked the braggart.
    • In addition, he showed how to decode body language: crossing one's legs when sitting was a sign of uneasiness, while standing with one's legs wide apart was the hallmark of a braggart.
    • This braggart weaves astonishing tales of cunning and will while stalking game, and even more preposterous stories of superhuman feats of boozing.
    • Since Monday the 8th was a holiday, golfers from the Three Sisters gathered at Siam on Tuesday the 9th to see who would be the braggart for the week.