Translation of brain-dead in Spanish:


clínicamente muerto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪnˌdɛd/ /ˈbreɪndɛd/


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    clínicamente muerto
    • A pediatric neurologist, he has studied nearly two hundred brain-dead patients who, with life-support, continued their organic synthesizing unity for significant periods of time.
    • He said he would prepare legislation to sharply restrict the withdrawal of feeding tubes and other life support from brain-dead patients.
    • The 380 cases may include turning off life support for brain-dead patients, with the consent of relatives, but the 88 cases are more of a concern.
    • Sort has requested neurologists/neuro surgeons and anaesthesiologists to motivate close relatives of brain-dead patients to donate kidneys and other organs.
    • The bronchoscopy is normal in only 33% of all brain-dead donors.
    • A device to make the organs of brain-dead donors more suitable for transplant will be evaluated in a government-funded study.
    • Furthermore, Tri suggested brain-dead patients donate their hearts, livers, eyes and other organs to those in need.
    • Some thought brain-dead patients were dead because they would never wake up again.
    • A brain-dead pregnant woman on life support has reached the milestone in her pregnancy where doctors believe the baby could realistically survive outside the womb, giving her family renewed hope about the devastating ordeal.
    • Heart specialists across the world now agree that transplants (from brain-dead patients) are hardly an option.
    • A brain-dead Virginia woman on life support has given birth now to a baby girl.
    • The people of Taiwan have every right to be outraged by the case of the four-year-old abuse victim recently declared brain-dead at a Taichung hospital.
    • He wound up in the same ward as Christian, in Cork University Hospital, brain-dead.
    • I once had a conversation with a fairly well-known bioethicist about his experience turning off the ventilator on his brain-dead father.
    • The first two are general to older patients: where the child was brain-dead, where he or she was in a permanent vegetative state.
    • A 26-year-old brain-dead mother has died in a Virginia hospital after her life support was disconnected.
    • In fact, after his stroke, his life was nearly terminated by his physicians, who believed he was brain-dead.
    • Thirty-two hours later she was clinically brain-dead, the result of a cerebral haemorrhage.
    • Well, these computer images illustrate the placement of the tissue and the muscle that were taken from a brain-dead donor after her family consented.
    • Before that, the fetal neural structure is about as sophisticated as that of a sea slug and its EEG as flat and unorganized as that of someone brain-dead.