Translation of brain-teaser in Spanish:


rompecabezas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪnˌtizər/ /ˈbreɪntiːzə/

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    rompecabezas masculine
    • Heads poured over one-word-answer questions, brain-teasers, puzzles of reasoning and tests of grammar inside classrooms upstairs, while parents waited below in the lobby.
    • Cobej is a former maths scholar, and spends his time away from the training-ground solving brain-teasers.
    • Work your mind with brain-teasers, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords or quiz books.
    • This is tough, uncompromising and enduring work that pulls together a grab bag of brain-teasers, conceptual riddles and existential challenges.
    • I do not go in for pub quizzes, for the same reason that I do not do crosswords, newspaper brain-teasers, or attempt to swim the Channel.
    • For the teens, it was a challenge to present themselves in the best possible way on the ramp and that was not the end, they had to come out in flying colours, taking on some brain-teasers too.
    • BBC1 will devote a Saturday night to the experiment, which should sort out boffins from buffoons by completing a set of brain-teasers.
    • To the NME and the websites apparently obsessed with this image, it is, however, a cross between the Da Vinci Code and Fermat's last theorem: the great brain-teaser of our time.
    • After answering a tricky brain-teaser and a period of anxious waiting, a week later the pair were at London's Elstree Studios and just a fast finger and 11 questions away from becoming millionaires.
    • It's always an interesting brain-teaser and one that is especially relevant to discussions about shaping the future of Glasgow.
    • Jackson hated riddles, for they were what he thought of as ‘brain-twisters’ that drove people mad with frustration and had no logical point.
    • These slides have become a highlight of the fifth-grade year, as children view and respond to optical illusions, visual brain-teasers, examples of M. C. Escher's work and more.
    • These are not tremendous brain-teasers or anything, but they are more involved than what you might find in Halo or Max Payne.
    • The Berger brain-teasers were sold in Sweden and Australia, but the big orders came from the United States.
    • Those who sell the most and answer some HP brain-teasers correctly will get their names entered into a draw to get invited on the trip.
    • Procrastinate at your desk by playing the addictive brain-teasers on this silly site.
    • The workshop is packed with lots of brain-teasers that show you things aren't always as you perceive them.
    • We had problems with the traction control the entire weekend, and they became a real brain-teaser during the race.
    • Every morning when I arrive at work, I can turn the page of my calendar for a new Scrabble fact, trivia question, or brain-teaser puzzle.
    • I like doing these sort of little brain-teaser wordplays.
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    (problem, question)
    rompecabezas masculine