Translation of brain surgery in Spanish:

brain surgery

neurocirugía, n.


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    neurocirugía feminine
    • I was airlifted to Phoenix the next morning for brain surgery.
    • He spent six months in hospital, had five brain surgeries, then he came to live with me.
    • Following eight hours of brain surgery, he lay near death.
    • Brain surgery to remove a tumour or to alleviate the symptoms of neurological diseases, like Parkinson's, it's fairly commonplace today.
    • A year before I met the couple, Andrea underwent complicated brain surgery.
    • The patients I worked with have had no success with medication and were evaluated to see if brain surgery might help them.
    • My dad and sister had voiced concern about the possible negative side effects of brain surgery.
    • Following the accident, he was rushed to hospital in critical condition with a severe head injury and underwent brain surgery the very next day.
    • My body stopped functioning; they had machines on me after the brain surgery.
    • Last year he had brain surgery to relieve pressure from a blood clot.