Translation of brainchild in Spanish:


creación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪnˌtʃaɪld/ /ˈbreɪntʃʌɪld/


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    creación masculine
    • However, as the idea is the brainchild of the council's new chairman, it is likely to receive the board's backing.
    • Creative Commons is the brainchild of cyberlaw and intellectual property experts in the United States.
    • The idea was the brainchild of a Dutch company which is currently filming a documentary in Montserrat.
    • This grand design is the brainchild of the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust.
    • The theme behind his brainchildren became ‘Good design will not be overruled by bookkeeping,’ and in the years since, there's been no looking back.
    • Although they're the brainchildren of an Italian-born designer, they're all-American products, designed and built in the U.S.
    • The modern boxing glove was invented in 1743, the brainchild of Englishman Jack Broughton.
    • As the Olympic Games return to the land of their birth, a revival of the ancient Greeks' other brainchildren seems to be at hand as well.
    • The scheme was the brainchild of Bradford Chamber of Commerce, which was working to find way of supporting new enterprise.
    • A brainchild of the Institute of Directors it was established to improve and sharpen the business skills of executives.
    • Merge-Matic Books is actually the brainchild of The Washington Post.
    • Was this the brainchild of ironic liberal bureaucrats at the Treasury Department?
    • It is the brainchild of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
    • Almost all the steps he announced were the brainchild of the NDA government.
    • There was a woman who had to sell her brainchild - baby shampoo - to Tesco.
    • Note that the League was the brainchild of Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States.
    • The collection was the brainchild of staff who work in the perfumery department at the Castle Square department store.
    • The project is the brainchild of East Lancs into Employment, a Harle Syke-based jobs company.
    • The Academy was the brainchild of The Society of Authors, the professional body that represents writers.
    • The festival, the brainchild of Mr Adams, is now in its seventh year.