Translation of brainwave in Spanish:


idea genial, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪnˌweɪv/ /ˈbreɪnweɪv/


  • 1

    idea genial feminine
    idea brillante feminine
    lamparazo masculine Colombia informal
    I had a brainwave tuve una idea genial / brillante
    • I was fingering my car keys, wondering if my perverse appetite would last all the way to Tesco's and back, when I had a sudden brainwave.
    • Anyway, as she went on and got more and more into it, I had a sudden brainwave.
    • Those words hit Rick like stones, a brainwave and an idea quickly ensued.
    • What sent me there was a brainwave for a present, so I won't mention the front of the cards I'm buying, but what I have found interesting is the back.
    • It wasn't like I was having a brilliant brainwave though.
    • His brainwave was to replace the current fixed self-sealing rubber splash curtains, which trap a bullet once it has passed through the target and prevent it ricocheting back up the range, with movable curtains.
    • Frank Robinson, John Pemberton's original partner and book-keeper, had suggested the name Coca-Cola and come up with the brainwave that the two flowing Cs would look good on adverts.
    • I have a brainwave and start preparing a PowerPoint presentation.
    • This morning I had the brainwave to make little boxes for Supergang which we would fill with peppermint creams that we can make next week.
    • It was just a bit of a brainwave and I thought, why not?
    • Then I had a brainwave - who said that bald isn't beautiful?
    • After much fruitless searching, I had a brainwave.
    • But what the mind airbrushes out of this pretty picture is that thousands of people have had the identical brainwave at the identical time.
    • It is then that the radio mechanic had a brainwave.
    • This was a wonderfully mysterious occasion and all thanks to the Laois Arts Festival committee who had the brainwave to host a Halloween Party.
    • My brainwave was to have the girls ‘build their own’ tarts.
    • Brian had the brainwave for the get-together a year ago.
    • One of Stavros' latest brainwaves is something entitled Cineclick, a program devoted to filmmaking and the Internet, which is skedded to air on the Independent Film Channel.
    • Proving that everyone has a tale to tell, 2W shows its award-winning series of Digital Stories where people from across Wales turn brainwaves into multimedia reality.
    • If you want to have our collective brainwaves on how to carry on in light of the Situation, this is pretty much the place to get it.