Translation of brake fluid in Spanish:

brake fluid

líquido de frenos, n.


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    líquido de frenos masculine
    • The pistons have a thermal insulator and are drilled radially near the circumference in contact with the pads to limit the dissipation of heat to the hydraulic system's brake fluid.
    • Problems will also arise if too much water mixes with the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or antifreeze.
    • The next step - previewed at auto shows and due in showrooms within five years - sends hydraulic brake fluid the way of the buggy whip by using smart electric motors at each wheel to apply the brakes.
    • It is also important to check all fluids in your car such as the transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid.
    • Engine oil, fabric softener, chili pepper, transmission fluid or brake fluid are just some of the agents used, according to the deputy director of Police News Affairs.
    • There are automated fluid fill (e.g., coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid, etc.) stations, as well.
    • Pouring corrosive fluid, like brake fluid or paint stripper, on vehicles, and spraying graffiti on homes and roadways seem to be the favorite forms of attack for these criminals.
    • And aside from knowing that a car needs petrol, water and brake fluid, I don't know where these things are located or whether they can be forced to drip out quite so easily.
    • To work, they require gasoline, oil, brake fluid, and so forth.
    • ‘As a garage, we have particular concerns such as vehicle collision, sparks igniting inflammables such as petrol or brake fluid and also manual lifting,’ he said.
    • But when it comes to brake fluid and anti-freeze and cosmetics, manufacturers are accused of exploiting animals for commercial profit.
    • An ingredient in antifreeze and brake fluid, it is also a widely used moisture-carrying ingredient in cosmetics.
    • The Government plans to introduce a new EU directive which will require oil and brake fluid to be drained out of a car before it can be scrapped.
    • The car is then ‘depolluted,’ with its oil and brake fluid removed and stored for disposal.
    • Hot brake fluid is one of the most oxidizing fluids within a car.
    • Apparently, test candidates will have to know how to check their oil levels, tyre pressure, brake fluid and engine coolant.
    • Knowing the condition of your brake fluid is crucial because it can absorb water, reducing the brakes' effectiveness.
    • The brake fluid in the master cylinder needs to be filled to the correct level.
    • The engine is neatly covered under the hood, and a highly accessible layout makes routine checks of the brake fluid, power-steering fluid, the radiator water and others easy.
    • He protested that there was absolutely no brake fluid in the car - none - and the brakes were inoperable.