Translation of branch line in Spanish:

branch line

ramal, n.


  • 1

    ramal masculine
    • The factory had their own branch line from the main line junction at Bradley Fold Station, and as the wagons were unhitched from the trains this little engine shunted them onto the factory premises.
    • Faced with an avalanche of leaves, the West Coast main line resembled a branch line yesterday as passengers between Manchester and London faced a temporary timetable.
    • The branch line and main line often use the same tracks or adjacent tracks until they separate at some point between the junction station and the next station on the main line.
    • After all, it's only a branch line, not a main line station.
    • You can reach the aquarium by car or by taking the popular Lakeside And Haverthwaite Steam Railway, which runs on a three-mile section of an old branch line of the Furness Railway.
    • British Railways closed the ailing branch line to passenger traffic in December 1961 and the last freight train ran several months later.
    • All this is yet one more block section on the branch line to railway Gotterdamerung.
    • A private station on a branch line serves the hall, but the branch line has been abandoned by British Railways.
    • Commuters could benefit from plans to provide car parking at a branch line railway station.
    • That is, the segment on the main line remains one line segment in the geographic file and can have one record in the database, and the same is true for the line segment on the branch line.
    • The other example of a branch line is the Williamstown line.
    • Were steam and diesel locomotives ever used on my branch line together, or was steam used one day and diesel the next?
    • Six weeks of work from Saturday 24 July to Sunday 5 September will transform the traditional branch line into a modern route with its own signalling centre.
    • The CPR insisted it was a branch line and the Supreme Court agreed.
    • We got off at Ashby, where I intended for us to ride the short distance on the branch line to Bankhead.
    • The branch line will revive a service to Larkhall, which lost its trains in the mid-1960s.
    • However, the survey found delays on the West Coast Main Line, which links with the branch line at Oxenholme, made people think twice before using the train.
    • The Railway Executive was proposing to close the Ingleton branch line between Clapham and Tebay amid protests from local residents.
    • The line would drive north from Barnoldswick railway station, extending the branch line from Earby off the main Skipton to Colne route.
    • This is where the branch line intersects with the Callander to Oban line.