Translation of brand in Spanish:


marca, n.

Pronunciation /brænd/ /brand/

See Spanish definition of marca


  • 1

    • 1.1Business

      marca feminine

    • 1.2

      (type) tipo masculine
      (style) estilo masculine
      her brand of socialism su tipo de socialismo

  • 2

    • 2.1(identification mark)

      (hecha a fuego) marca feminine
      hierro masculine
      the visible brand of poverty la señal visible de la pobreza

    • 2.2(stigma)

      estigma masculine

  • 3 literary

    tea feminine
    (with masculine article in the singular) hacha feminine literary

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cattle/crate) (con hierro candente) marcar
    words branded on his memory palabras grabadas en su memoria
    • But even without Augmented memory, this piece would have been branded indelibly on his brain.
    • There were no wrinkles, no folds, or stretch marks that would have branded her a mother.
    • An imprint left from the wooden crevices branded a mark on her face as she gritted her teeth.
    • They are cursed to the tenth generation and should be branded with a mark before their long and painful deaths.
    • Cattle raising, an important source and symbol of wealth in the countryside, was feasible for many because the animals were branded and left to graze freely on open land.
    • Provision would be made to brand the animals, which would be seen by veterinarians provided by the provincial department.
    • Peasants spoke of the arrival of the collective farm as the coming of the Antichrist where all would be branded with the mark of the devil.
    • So they had branded the mark of rejection upon her throat, and sent her away in shame.
    • She guessed that it was some form of branding the animal; a method of identification.
    • Then the suits came, branded everyone with these marks and turned us into slaves.
    • This is for branding me and putting these cursed marks on my hands.
    • Ember was branded with a softer, smaller version of Stone's mark with the outline of a flame surrounding it, representing a burning coal.
    • Still other cowboys recalled that cattle were branded on their left hips "because persons read from left to right" and thus read "from the head toward the tail."
    • Calves need to be branded for the purposes of identification.
    • Steers branded by hot iron showed significantly higher maximum and average head movement distances than either freeze branded or sham-branded steers.
    • The branding scene below is shown on Egyptian Tomb walls dating back to 2,000 B.C.
  • 2

    to brand sth/sb as sth tachar / tildar algo/a algn de algo
    • Sometimes consumers may be quite happy buying a low-priced branded product knowing that it is a counterfeit copy.
    • An update will also be welcome on the firm's decision to start selling branded products through supermarket discounter Lidl.
    • He made his millions selling low-cost branded perfumes to retailers.
    • To qualify for the programme, resellers must sell and brand systems that use boxed Intel processors and successfully complete special training.
    • Point of sale advertising has long been a popular marketing tool for mobile phone operators, but branding entire shop fronts is a relatively new development.
    • Fully 70 percent of respondents surveyed said they wish that store brand products were available in as wide a selection as branded products.
    • As more branded products take over the refrigerated dairy sections of the supermarket, perceived value becomes even more important.
    • The Board also observed, as a starting point, the need to brand the Zambian tourism products as one of the marketing strategies.
    • It is branding the product as ‘the first sustainable fish finger’ since the concept of marketing strips of battered fish to kids first took off, back in 1955.
    • How do you go about branding a product that conjures up slabs of flesh displayed behind a spotless glass counter?
    • But branded industrial products face a different challenge.
    • He said Zambia had not only great tourism potential but also a competitive edge over other countries in the region, and could lead in tourism if her products were properly branded.
    • ‘There's always been a gut feeling that kids and radio would be a good way to brand a product,’ says Fries.
    • That's good for marketers and agencies who are trying to find new ways to brand products.
    • That began partly on a lark, but is now crucial to branding the Target discount store chain, where sales are rising.
    • This is particularly true when it comes to flavored milk, where 68 percent of all product sold is branded, he says.
    • The program then asks the recipient to enter their credit card details to a form on the screen that appears to have all the correctly branded logos.
    • Instead the country will capitalize on selling unique, branded products and services to affluent global consumers.
    • Of the batteries that failed, two were branded Nokia, and two were labelled Mobile Plus.
    • He created the fashion label, food lines and then an airline all branded Kingfisher.
    • To accept this, however, would be to underrate our heroine, branding her as some kind of cheap accessory when she is, by many accounts, a gutsy and rugged individual.
    • I could go on, but all I can say is that branding her as someone unfit to serve because of her politics is grossly unfair.
    • He angrily criticised the national guards supporting the troops, branding them as ‘traitors’.
    • Haven't I lost enough on this venture which will probably accomplish little more than branding me as a charlatan?
    • The company said that the director was not making a bona fide case - which was like branding him a liar.
    • ‘It is a matter of concern to my client that the tribunal in the previous module has branded him a liar,’ he told the chairman.
    • Then she's branded a liar and a seductress at their trial.
    • Polygraphs are not only worthless but they cause innocent people to be branded as liars.
    • To a certain extent at least, the program gave a human face to the people that the government brands as criminals.
    • This threat to humanity often seems distant, and those who express heightened concern are regularly branded alarmists.
    • Animal welfare officers have branded airgun-toting yobs as ‘heartless’ after a seven-month-old kitten was shot in the neck.
    • A Hampshire animal rescue charity has branded those responsible for dumping a dog into a river as ‘monsters’.
    • The family of a man have branded his attackers ‘animals’ after his nose was bitten off in a pub fight.
    • I walk round a free man and am cleansed of the stigma of being branded a murderer.
    • He despised music competitions, so integral to the classical world, branding them ‘a blood sport.’
    • Instead, most black leaders didn't raise their voice in protest, apparently out of concern that they might be branded unpatriotic for doing so.
    • But a concerted campaign to brand him a psychopath is, to my mind, not merely gutter journalism but contemptible.
    • To some people, those characteristics are enough to brand it evil.
    • And they'll stop branding us with all of these negative labels.
    • But mark my words: you'll be branded as an incompetent for having made this small slip.