Translation of brand loyalty in Spanish:

brand loyalty

lealtad a una marca, n.


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    lealtad a una marca feminine
    • It lacks the content to carry consumer interest through to continued brand loyalty.
    • The investigation of brand loyalty continues to be a central issue in the marketing management literature.
    • It no longer makes sense to continue to neglect the 50-plus consumer, whose brand loyalty could be up for grabs.
    • Yet no one doubts the power of relationship-building initiatives like CRM to increase brand loyalty and customer equity.
    • The company use to be a case study in brand loyalty - consumers loved the cars, but somewhere along the line they slipped.
    • The result: a consumer with little brand loyalty, who buys the cheapest possible gadget.
    • Such marketing and services help to create brand loyalty any CEO would envy.
    • Consumers with brand loyalty and computers might have some good ideas!
    • Hence, as we shall see later, it is hardly surprising that pure-plays had difficulty establishing brand loyalty in this marketspace.
    • Rivals would get a way to add customer value and enhance brand loyalty without having to take an enormous hit to their own bottom lines by developing their own systems.
    • This type of promoting also encourages brand loyalty.
    • Each has a captive customer base with built-in brand loyalty.
    • This opens the door for a large number of variables that can be examined as the consequences of evaluative constructs in studies of brand loyalty.
    • Ads will need to become a lot slicker and ritzier in the big cities to fend off competitors and build brand loyalty.
    • Unless suppliers keep the promises their online systems are making, suppliers will lose market share and brand loyalty overnight.
    • Rather than bringing models and spending huge sums on advertising to promote brand loyalty, the IOC wants customers to vouch for the quality of the product.
    • In my experience, mom-and-pop retailers take time to educate consumers about your product and can create strong brand loyalty.
    • Older consumers are considered more calcified in their brand loyalty, and more difficult to reach.
    • According to mobile phone resellers, loyalty to 086 or 087 numbers exceeds brand loyalty.
    • The program made luxury cars affordable for a new demographic and fostered brand loyalty by encouraging wealthy consumers to trade in their old cars for the newest model.